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  1. Yet another insipid performance to finish our season. I am not anti Ralph but he doesn't seem able to lift the players. My biggest worry is can we hold on to our better players? Seriously, if you were Ings, Vest or JWP and a better offer came along - would you stay? It is a worry. The flip side of that is even IF we get a shedload of money who would come to us. I am not sure we can rely on the academy as we have in previous years.
  2. That just feels so much better.
  3. Not sure what to hope for tonight. Fulham win: we stay above Burnley. Burnley win: guaranteed safety. I would like to think it doesn't matter because we will go on a winning streak anyway.
  4. Team looks seriously unbalanced (again).
  5. Not really on topic but I am delighted he is gone (again). He is an odious character who has to belittle and punish others in order to support his own ego. West Ham (with their odious owners) would deserve him.
  6. I know we are almost back to full strength but we are really missing Oriol right now. Not only did he have an excellent understanding with JWP but HE COULD TACKLE. We really needed him in front of that back four to break up the danger. No excuses but we do miss him.
  7. BallBoy

    Injury Watch

    JWP not even on the bench tonight according to BBC. Please don't let him be injured.
  8. Ralph is putting it all out there. Players need to step up.
  9. There is a worrying sense of inevitability around here today. I totally understand that. Our league form has been either atrocious or unlucky, depending which game you choose to focus on. It is also difficult to erase the memory of those last 25 minutes against an ordinary Brighton side. Our most influential players are missing. On the other hand we have beaten Arsenal and Wolves to get here. We deserve to be in the 1/4 final and we are playing the lowest ranking side left in the competition. Over the years I have been here many times before with our team. I am really nervous b
  10. The common theme today was that we could not win the ball or keep it when we did get it. We consistently and constantly lost the 50/50 balls. Is this something that can be corrected by coaching? I seriously don't know.
  11. Very very disappointed by that. Ings & Romeu are massive miss and just afford to have so many play poorly. Diablo & Tell a very poor today. We just seemed totally unable to win a tackle. If you lose 80% of the 50/50 balls then you are likely to lose. As we did! Painful watch.
  12. I think the odds on us going down are still slim. Too many poor teams have to do worse than us and I do think we have started to turn the corner. Nevertheless, the Fulham result today still feels like a real kick in the guts.
  13. Missing tackles. Misplacing passes. Need to do the simple things. Really missing Romeu.
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