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  1. I think many are in danger of underestimating Shrewsbury. Yes, they are currently a lower League One team but their recent record is 4 wins and a draw. They are on the up. Having said that, we really should beat them. They have not played for a few weeks and I am sure Ralph will field the best team he can.
  2. BallBoy

    FA Cup Draw

    Tough draw for us. This is a year when I thought we have a decent chance with a little bit of luck. No luck here. Presuming the Premier League teams win we have to beat the multiple winners of Arsenal as they come back into form and then a very solid Wolves team. And that is to just get to the quarter finals when many of the top teams are still there. Arsenal held us to a draw. We went toe to toe with Wolves for another draw. We will have to be at our best to progress.
  3. Well it's past lunchtime the next day and guess what - we still won! We don't always win against the big boys but it's great when we do. Love it that Ralph has this ability to pull out the occasional big result to supplement wins against the lesser teams. It is a recipe for our success. Ralph is getting a lot of publicity for his "tears". Some praising his commitment and others just mocking to the point of suggesting he "man up". I don't think it was so much emotion as nervous exhaustion. He reflected what we all felt at that moment and that's one of the reasons I love him. He really
  4. Let me start by saying that I agree with most pundits. We are having a fantastic season. We are still punching above our weight and no longer regarded as being in danger of relegation. We are just not as good as we were a few weeks ago. The snap has gone and decisions are beginning to go against us. It is a cliche but "it is a game of fine margins". The differences are clear for us all to see. In order for us to get back to where we were then every player needs to be at 90-100%, not the 70-80% that we are now. No exceptions. Very few, if any, teams play at that level for a whole season.
  5. BBC say Antonio back in training following a hamstring problem. That seems like code for either playing or on the the bench. We just couldn't handle him last year. I do hope he is out but, obviously, I hope Danny is either playing or at least on the bench.
  6. How refreshing that many of us are seeing this as 2 points lost rather than 1 point gained. After 50+ years supporting the Saints this still comes as a pleasant surprise to be thinking this way. Great to be looking up the the table rather than down. Our football last night was crisp and full of quality. Ralph has done a remarkable job with this group of players. No "marquee" signings. Just good, honest professionals. I think if Danny was was really on his game then we would have won. That is not a criticism of him. He is our talisman. At 90-100% we win that game. At 70% then not qui
  7. Has to be Mourinho. It seems to me that, in order to prove how special he is, he has to pick on someone and then humiliate them. Examples are Deli Alli, Luke Shaw, Morgan Schneiderlin, Eva Carneiro. With Eva Carneiro I remain convinced that he lost the Chelsea dressing room because of how spiteful he was to her.
  8. We should take it to the supreme court.
  9. I am going to bask a little longer before I let reality settle in. But then Leicester did it with a similar style and similar level of players.
  10. Doing really well considering we are playing without a left hand side. Would rather Djenepo going for it and Stephens backing up. At present Djenepo plays backwards too often and Stephens just does not have the balance to do anything with it.
  11. I always worry. Can't get out of the habit. That team sheet looks awfully unbalanced to me, whatever way you put it together.
  12. Is there something wrong with this thread. Nothing for 18 hours! Villa are a different animal to last year. But then so were Everton. I have always liked Barclay as a player. Grealish is a special talent. Not sure we can keep them both quiet.
  13. Been mentioned earlier but Lawro actually had us down to win 2-0. Normally that would be the kiss of death but, well done lads, we proved him right! I know it's only 6 games in but this is a great confidence boost and hopefully shows the direction of travel. When I look at the table I actually look up instead of down. Good feeling.
  14. Lawro has got us down to win 2-0. Oh dear!
  15. Thanks for all the wonderful memories Matt. Bally got the tactics right. "Just give him the ball".
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