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  1. One of the best games I ever saw. Justice done in the end as Armstrong popped up with the winner. Fabulous game when we had a fantastic team.
  2. Just feel we are light in midfield again. 2 proper midfielders and 2 wingers. Just my opinion.
  3. Poor defending. Poor goalkeeping and missed chances. Just when we were on a bit of a roll. After 55 years of supporting this club why am I not surprised? Really need to be more clinical at both ends. I like Walcott as a person but, as others have said, he offers very very little now.
  4. I agree that Tino could play anywhere and be better than most that we currently play in midfield. With JWP out surely this is the moment to play him in midfield with Romeo, Armstrong + one other. Perraud and KWP in their natural positions. Is that too obvious?
  5. Classic. We wait 6 games for the one we are supposed to be able to win. We don't turn up.
  6. Genuinely worried about Stuart Armstrong. Didn't Ralph say no new injury worries. Too many of our senior players seem to be voting with their feet.
  7. Matty and Bally. Two very different kinds of genius.
  8. Very disappointed with that line up. No KWP. No Vesty. No Redmond. No Adams. No Tella. A full week to prepare for our first game. This should be a dress rehearsal.
  9. Yet another insipid performance to finish our season. I am not anti Ralph but he doesn't seem able to lift the players. My biggest worry is can we hold on to our better players? Seriously, if you were Ings, Vest or JWP and a better offer came along - would you stay? It is a worry. The flip side of that is even IF we get a shedload of money who would come to us. I am not sure we can rely on the academy as we have in previous years.
  10. That just feels so much better.
  11. Not sure what to hope for tonight. Fulham win: we stay above Burnley. Burnley win: guaranteed safety. I would like to think it doesn't matter because we will go on a winning streak anyway.
  12. Team looks seriously unbalanced (again).
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