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  1. Why not copy WBA's penalty and shoot down the middle
  2. If we win against Leicester god help us because Saints will be playing not to get injured again until the final. If Ralph wants to new players in the summer why sign Walcott?
  3. His corners were all so predictable. No out swingers, just placed in the same spot each time just to be gobbled up by WBA. We had so many corners too.Can't see any one wanting to buy Ings on that showing. an absolute horror show from Saints.
  4. Who would you drop to make room for Minamino?
  5. Hear Hear. Nice to see some sense on here
  6. He was not the only one injured during that time
  7. Didn't Hummel go bust once? Any one who pays £50 for just a shirt must be ..........!
  8. I was just waiting for some pedant to pick me up with these points -as if I did not know! My argument about shirt pulling is still valid and don't getme started about grappling
  9. FOOTball is just that - a game played with feet. Shirt pulling was imported from the pesky dastardly continentals spoils the game for spectators and should be outlawed
  10. I hope Ings and Walcott are not too rusty and not match fit. I guess the idea is to get goals in the bank and then substitute them
  11. Has anyone seen the accolades Steve has got from various media folks and his Rangers manager for still playing for NI at the age of 36?
  12. Gao comes from China - so what's the problem?
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