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  1. Totally agree about N'ludulu. he span away from a defender brilliantly two games ago when came on
  2. JWP must have been sick after his heroics were nullified by three,yes three goals from MU in just the second half.
  3. How can we know if the bench is any good if we do not use them util it is too late in the game to see what they can do. I said in the match build up thread i hope Hass. does not make a mess of the subs and sure enough he did
  4. We were complacent and arrogant in the second half trying to slow the game down was inviting trouble
  5. I thought he should take Walcott off when Long came on. But bringing Long on again was the definition of madness (doing the same thing and expecting a different result( What a wasted 2 hours - tears came to my eeys
  6. I am very excited looking forward to this game but why so few posts on this thread. I hope the manager uses his subs better today
  7. A little bit pedantic in my view . Have you never spelt a word incorrectly? This is pedantry in my view
  8. Ferguson had an attack of sour grapes and said Beatty was an old fashioned centre forward just because he headed the goal.
  9. Moussa playing as an extra full back meant he was out of position most of the time - also reducing the attacking threat when he was doubling up on Traorae
  10. Why not play a defender then e.g Stevens
  11. Moussa seemed to treat the ball like a hot potato whenever he received it instead of running with it
  12. I said he went for the money did I not. I agree I would have done the same
  13. Why didi he ever leave saints in the first place. More money I suppose. i bet he could not believe his luck to get a loan move with us, let alone to come straight into the team
  14. My wife would be so upset if the badge was changed . It is part of the club's heretage. Why must every thing be trendy,
  15. I only said to my son today that the JWP/ Romeo partnership has been a springboard for are attacking moves. Well posted
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