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  1. Definitely not a one way street. It seems it’s a learned human condition that needs eradicated wherever it raises its head
  2. The last five years have been wonderful for the country haven’t they?
  3. Great endorsement from Roy Chubby Brown.
  4. Agree, the report tonight before the game made me wretch.
  5. Sure, play them, don’t score. Go out!
  6. You don’t have an auntie. You were spawned in a lab.
  7. Good player, scored twice. Whats your beef with him then?
  8. You couldn’t beat them ya nut
  9. This of course was quoted well before the referendum wasn’t it surely. We all knew this before we voted didn’t we.
  10. Christ, Sterling just scored. He’ll have a fit.
  11. I agree badger. Muckie can join us as we highlight transphobia as well as racism.
  12. She said she was a woman. If that is the pronoun she chooses I am not going to be transphopic and deny her her identity. I am sure she can count me as an ally in her journey. If she is a liar however, I will just add it to the of xenophobe, racist, liar. The list grows.
  13. I refer to my previous apology. See its not hard. It doesn’t make you any less of a woman.
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