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  1. Agree, I think that’s where a lot of criticism of Redmond comes from. He appears to have all the thrusting qualities of Sterling but all too often cuts back and plays the safe pass. Unsure if it’s intended as per orders but it is frustrating. I wonder if it’s innate in him or whether he would be a revelation if unleashed.
  2. Something to reflect upon. 10 years in the making. Might put a bet on for 2022.
  3. Must not, must not. I promised I’d try.
  4. Thanks Sid, it is appreciated. Seems hard just to ask an innocent question these days. Ordered the xl and Im usually a large so hopefully it fits.
  5. Hes going gammon coloured as we speak.
  6. Its a 15 year account and I should have elaborated that I don’t wish to waste my time following up on conspiracy theories. I admit I was surprised you used the bbc as a source being that they are so lefty biased. I was expecting it to be Gbeebies. What lies are you referring to WMD?
  7. Agree, an England win wouldn’t be seen as credible if this plays out badly. Just think if it was the other way round. ps I know Mount, Chilwell but this is the final. I hope for an England win against the best Italy side.
  8. Yes, according to that, it looks as if the FA has been charged. Can’t see anything coming of it as , like others have said, many other countries do it. All of them having little class. If they are found guilty and fined then it is ridiculous. Will wait and see until I go full gammon. Unlike yourself I have little time to factcheck every little conspiracy theory you cook up but will put my hands up when wrong. As for the “idiot” I can go back to namecalling if you like as I am so much better at it than you Wingnut.
  9. Sorry missed that. Is someone getting fined for booing? Or are you getting upset about something that isn’t happening?
  10. Carry on going Gammon coloured Turkey..........blah blah, woke, blah blah, lefty, blah blah snowflake!
  11. Just ordered mine off your recommendation. I ordered an xl. I am rather rotund. How was the sizing for you. Havent bought a shirt since the 2010 season cos of the prices but thought I’d give this a go.
  12. Ducked out did he? I’ll get my coat 🧥
  13. No, I can’t. How would I do that? I need to think about a way of doing that. Hang on. If I say it in an old stone building on a pedestal will you simply not just BELIEVE me.
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