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  1. Can't we invite Northampton and Wycombe to come train at Staplewood? It worked for York!
  2. 3-0!! That's their goal difference ****ed! Come on Northampton!!!
  3. F*cking hell.... This thread just won't die or go away! Just as Pompey then.
  4. Why are we, not Pompey's supporters, asking these questions? If they are truly owned by the fans, why aren't they interested in what they got for their money?
  5. Chinny's floater might be the turd that flushes them out :-)
  6. This sounds like some local idiot trying to "big it up". Surely we haven't seen any sorts of idiots like that on this board.
  7. Out of admin, into the frying pan.... or something like that... Good to see the some of the plucky blue returning to this thread though.
  8. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
  9. How long before we'll start seeing Pompey-supporters back on this thread?
  10. How can the money disappear down the drain, when they're all clogged with fat?
  11. I always get a little bit excited, when I check this thread, and see "Last post" is made by "rallyboy".... In the time it takes for the pages to load, I have a strong sense of another epic rant or poetic b*llocking of the skates. Nutjob - I salute you, sir! Regarding the call for local monies to tranfers: "Have you no shame sir? At long last, have you no shame?"
  12. In need of snappy comebacks to Ohio Saint and OttawaSaint
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