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  1. On that basis, Rickie Lambert wouldn't have been given a chance.
  2. Has really stepped up since the restart, so much so that PEH has not been missed.
  3. I always presumed that once the secondment finished he would be resuming his role back here, otherwise why call it a secondment?
  4. So basically selling him before he's even played for us!
  5. Body language, arms folded in a sulk. Yep terribly wrong!! Mind you at least he actually exists, which is a bonus.
  6. BBC Solent Sport ‏@solentsport · 3m3 minutes ago #pompey chief executive Mark Catlin on season tickets: "quietly confident going into next week we'll be over 11,000" Mmmm!!
  7. #pompey chairman Iain McInnes tells #pompeyforum he's exploring how to "extend the capacity, and therefore the income for the football club" Selling out what you have got might be a start Iain!!
  8. John Whitingdale has said England is ready to host 2022 if it is stripped from Qatar. He did concede that some work on Fratton would need to completed.
  9. That is their problem. The only people that would touch that job with a barge pole, are ones that have some sort emotional attachment...........oh and the 60-70 high calibre applicants, who didn't "turn down" the invitation to apply.
  10. Not a bad turnout to be fair. Looks about 800 or so. Of couse by their accounting its 3 or 4,000.
  11. So they are deliberately being so carp so that they never inoke those charges. They are being run by geniuses after all!!
  12. I heard Netto are making a comeback but the sign would just say "O" cause they can't find the net!!
  13. So 4 times in the last 55 years, they have a larger average attendance that us? Massive club!!
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