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  1. We need flexibility. Bring in players in same position with different qualities so we can select them based on the opposition. That s what we do with the keepers and what we should be doing in other positions.
  2. If we get upwards to 50 million, sell and reinvest.
  3. I like Christie, he can really finish.
  4. I know loads of clubs are looking at him, but what about attempting a Brest trifecta with Diallo, Perraud and Romain Faivre: Fantastic dribbler, has pace, strength could improve but a little time in the gym and that would be resolved. Like a Boufal with pace and an end product, and is 22:
  5. What a grand mistake we made renewing Long last summer. I can’t believe we renewed the guy for 2 years while he was 33 and a half. That is criminal.
  6. Gerald Lopez to takeover Bordeaux. Another one bites the dust...
  7. This and exactly what I said 2 weeks ago. But please, arrange those deals before he leaves, as we will be paying a premium otherwise
  8. Agreed, everytime he has come on he hasn t done anything worthwhile. Get rid
  9. Just stick Lemina in there, he is perfectly capable to do a job there and we can focus on spending money on other priority positions. A striker is a big priority for me with Ings leaving this summer or next, would be good to find someone who can get used to our style of play straightaway this summer
  10. You can t do that. If you buy him irrespective of if he goes out on loan, he needs to respect the criteria set based on number of games he has played in top league. Unfortunately these new brexit rules prevents us of taking a punt on a unknown player with high potential unless he already plays regularly. Had brexit rules been in place back then, we wouldn t have been able to sign Bednarek for example, or Schneiderlin or youngsters like Valery or Jankewitz
  11. He won t get a work permit
  12. All our goalkeeping recruits (Forster, McCarthy, Gunn) have been on basis of recommendation from Dave Watson. Hopefully we don’t involve him in our future decision making to select one.
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