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  1. Its not about a kamikaze tactic, playing a high line is perfectly fine. You just to find the right balance between when to do and when not.
  2. Vestergaard is not suited to a high line at all.
  3. Why are you talking about him going after 2 bloody games, him having signed a 4 year contract in June ? Are you efing dumb?
  4. It is not a case of should we back Ralph, it is obvious the club would do it but we do not have the finances to do this. This is what happens when you have to sell before you buy. We are the only club in the PL to do this. But what I cannot understand Is the decision to let midfield players go (Reed Lemina) before we can a CM in. This is as suicidal as our high line defending today. Likewise I hope we don’t sell Boufal if we have no replacement lined up.
  5. Replace Tella with Boufal and we wouldn’t be saying that
  6. It is like this at every start of the season. Last year the Danny Rohl fiasco went well into october until it was announced he had joined Bayern. This year it is a global lack of communication, no coverage of pre season, no focus on new signings made. It is all very well having a CEO on every now and then updating fans on when if they can return to the stadium and how his relationship with is rock solid since 9-0 spanking but you need a lIttle more than that.
  7. Exactly this. Trimming down the squad and getting rid of the deadwood is one thing, but how do you replace them adequatly if we can t pay a considerable transfer fee. we re nearly coming to the stage of needing to sell some ‘star’ player to be able to have some wiggle room in the transfer Market but that s the state of our finances and playing squad right now. We re in a very complicated situation and the longer Gao stays the worse it will get
  8. With what money can we exactly do that? i m sure we would like to do it but I don t think we have the means.
  9. I thought our squad was overbloated andwe couldn t recruit because of this
  10. We don’t as the squad would get too big.
  11. We don’t as the squad would get too big.
  12. Exactly the point i ve been making for a few days. It will probably mean that we don’t replace him and just bring in a CM. if we replace Boufal expect a loan deal and that s about it.
  13. Selling Boufal for 2m euros is shocking
  14. Squad is looking very thin by all accounts: Also assuming that we sell Boufal with no replacement our squad Compared to last season: out Cedric, Yoshida, Hojbjerg, Boufal in: Salisu Walker-Peters a New CM is the priority but even with that, the squad is weaker. i m struggling to see how we can make top 10 when others have considerably stregthened. 12th-16th is more likely imo
  15. Getting rid of players like Carillo Lemina and Hoedt might help us from a wage perspective but that s only going to help us buy one player as to buy a player you need to pay a transfer fee. We will hardly get transfer fees for them so the saved wages will have to cover the transfer fee of the additional player. It is still going to be a one in one out policy if we continue with Gao. selling the deqdwood is not gonna change that.
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