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  1. I can the following panning out: - Carillo leaves on mutual concent (To be done after the transfer window) - Boufal stays with no replacement lined up (especially as prem loan will be done for CM) - we loan a CM from another prem team as no money for a permanent signing.
  2. Unless Gao won’t sanction any major buys until the club is sold, that could be another take...
  3. I can see a double deadline day loan signing of Tom Davies and Theo Walcott coming up...
  4. I have a horrible feeling about this game. See you at full time guys
  5. Agree, but would be very expensive. how about a loan with option to buy?
  6. What a bunch of Wet fannies. if they invest in a football club, it is to create long term investment value. To do this, you need to develop a brand, expand the club and bring in better players to put us on the map. What is not to like? its way better that being stuck with Gao for years with zero investment on the horizon. That is a recipe for disaster and you all know it.
  7. All i see is an option to buy at the end of the season, no obligatory purchase
  8. Depends if you want to compete with big clubs. If that s the objective, then you do. Marketing wise would be one of the areas of transformation, if you want to build a brand.
  9. Sheldon annoys me. it is just click bait articles, he is very much guessing like we are doing.
  10. Well that is exactly what I reported weeks ago. Ralph has no issue with Sof and would like him to stay but as we are skint we need to sacrifice him hence why Ralph was lamenting his lack of options at the weekend. Would be better to keep him especially if we know more money is coming around the corner With the takeover. Our guess our only hope to keep him is if bids are so poor that it doesn’t make it worthwhile to sell him. What i don’t understand at all is why isn t he training with the squad and involved if there are lack of options in the squad would make sense to use him in the short term for the benefit of results, unless there is an appearance bonus somewhere about to be triggered if he plays.
  11. For what it is worth, I spoke to DaGrosa a couple of weeks ago and he wasn’t able to confirm or deny interest in buying us which was probably due to ongoing proceedings. AB says the interest is BS, I wouldn’t be so sure.
  12. Its not about a kamikaze tactic, playing a high line is perfectly fine. You just to find the right balance between when to do and when not.
  13. Vestergaard is not suited to a high line at all.
  14. Why are you talking about him going after 2 bloody games, him having signed a 4 year contract in June ? Are you efing dumb?
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