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  1. Before you talk shit, he s married and has a son and takes care of his family.
  2. Why do people assume that Ings will stay in England. Champions League football doesn’t mean top 6 club in the PL. It can be a top european club in europe
  3. So basically we signed Ings on a 3 year deal after him signing permanently. Great job that!
  4. Get a striker on loan for the rest of the season with an option to buy. And try him out the sooner we replace Ings the better for our long term prospects. I actually thought Danny gave a shit about playing for his hometown club. He obviously doesn’t
  5. Sell him now while his value is worthwhile we re not getting champions league football any time soon not getting relegated.
  6. We should get shot of Long this summer. I don’t care if he has a year left or if Danny leaves, the guy is a non entity to our play. I’m not even sure he would do a good job in the Championship either. he is getting on and in one year will probably call it a day on his career. seems like wasted opportunity we had last summer to bring in somebody that we could bed in progressively.
  7. You lot are hillarious, there is no guarentee Hummel will be any different to UA. Late 80s kits were maybe good but materials for football kits have changed since then. Quality also depends on what manufacturer is used, whether it is outsourced etc.. we have no idea on all these topics so I m in the wait and see camp.
  8. To be honest, this season’s kits are soooo nice
  9. Don’t think we can afford anybody based on the financial figures that have come out...
  10. We may need a more creative central player someone that can make killer passes when teams are defending deep against us
  11. Semmens recently said the new WP rules would allow us to tap into new markets guess that is what he meant
  12. And the fact of selling it to someone who has zero dosh is also ok?
  13. Exactly what i said 2 months ago
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