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  1. Any proper journalist would investigate the potential difference.
  2. Blackmore is a club s puppet. he never asks tough questions, and when he tries to be more assertive, he hides behind the fact that it is the fans that have such and such feelings. But let s be honest, if he did try to ask tough questions, he wouldn’t have anywhere near the access to the club he has today. if there is something going on, he wouldn t be in the know, takeovers are very hush hush until they are official or an exclusivity is given to a given party.
  3. stevy777_x


    He s injured. Do you follow Saints?
  4. I do not want this man near our starting line up
  5. Ralph has already had a look at him. he s already evaluated him in training for 6 months and played against west ham last season. didn t exactly cover himself in glory. i wouldn t be able to stand another with him between the sticks, i got stressed out every game he played towards the end. No thanks please move on Saints
  6. Don t understand whywe haven t waiting for permanent offers to come in. Seems a very hasty decision From our perspective
  7. Depends, if I stay in my high paid job and do fuck all for a few years ruining the rest of my career As I wouldn t have the level i used to have in my job, I would choose to go somewhere on the lower salary.
  8. Well Noone wanted to touch FF last summer, clubs weren t even sure about his mental state, this summer there will be suitors for a permanent deal. Lemina, I reckon we should have loaned him to Wolves even if they were not prepared to buy him the following summer, it would have driven his price up. Having a good season in the turkish league, there will be suitors but maybe not at the price we are looking for. Still think it is better to take a hit than to let him leave on loan again as he will only have one year left summer and his price will plummet. As for Carillo, no one will want to pay a fee for him now, so it will come down to either doing another loan till his contract runs out next summer or terminating his contract whatever is the cheaper option for us. I m sure there will be suitors for Hoedt and Elyounoussi but not at the price we want, it is still better than letting them leave on loan again.
  9. Get rid. sell when his stock is high.
  10. If you accept lower fees then our asking price, of course we can make them leave. 2 summers ago and last summer we were playing hard ball With our asking Price and then when there was no other choice we loaned him in the last days of the transfer window. We signed him for 20 million and Didn t want to make too much of a loss thinking his value would maybe increase as he would do well in his loan spell. we should have just swallowed our pride and accepted a lower, it would have made more financial sense. As for Lemina, he has had a good season in Turkey, there will be plenty of suitors for him on permanent deal. loaning them now and not waiting how the market will be is ridiculous, it has hardly got going yet. there will be some player movement later on. Am i in the real world
  11. Why the hell I am seing reports of us willing to loan Elyounoussi, Lemina and Forster again? it doesn t make sense we need the salaries off our books, just at a lower price. It is better for the long term. The longer they stay here the less value they will have And we will still be covering part of their salary as teams won t be paying 100% Am I missing something?
  12. Boufal was injured hence why not included in the squad.
  13. You can appeal. That s what we did for Moussa.
  14. stevy777_x

    20/21 Kit

    There are so many teams with stripes in England but none with Sash kits. Our recent tradition is stripes but it wasn t always like that, we ve had other types of kits for a long period. would be good to be identified as the team with the sash kit in the future.
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