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  1. Good stop gap signing this is
  2. Klopp better not loan us Adrian
  3. Again Why concentrate on uk goalkeepers?
  4. I see the Olly Lancashire experience has ended.
  5. Drop it mate you re just embarassing yourself
  6. I ve said it all along he doesn t have the attributes in his game to become a good PL player. Adams is way ahead of him in that department
  7. Depressing? I freaking love our pressing!!!
  8. The one with moneyball?
  9. Stadium costs are not taken into account in ffp rules. If you recall Spurs had one year where they spent absolutely nothing in a summer transfer window so probably explains that figure.
  10. Adam Armstrong better than Broja? Laughable.
  11. We re not much improved compared to the Hughes and Pellegrino days? Give it over please, have a long hard look in the mirror and look at yourself spouting so much bullshit.
  12. Wrong they will target a prem club and could even look into the championship
  13. I ve always said it and i ll keep saying it. We are very lucky to have Ralph in charge of our club.
  14. Getting rid of Ralph and getting Howe in is getting sillier by the day
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