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  1. Completely agree, i want none of that domestic keeper bullshit. England have had goalkeeper issues for years, the load of them are overated. The only one i’d be happy with is Henderson, but he would come at an expensive price so I m much rather go for an overseas one, let s just get our scouting right for that. Last season I suggested Juan Musso who was at Udinese. He moved to Atalanta and the guy is having a very good season. Would be way too expensive now. But i m sure there a few under the radar gems out there.
  2. Loan deal has already excluded? Personally don t really understand why as it makes moresense from a chelsea perspective
  3. Don t forget also Mark Hugues s appalling treatment of JWP where he nearly left at the time to Watford for 15 mil
  4. I also though his free kicks were one dimensional too as they always go to the keepers right. That free kick surprised me just as it did the wolves keeper. If you watch closely he takes a step to the right fully expecting to go and jump in ward prowse s usual corner. That free kick is incredible
  5. That really was comedy indecisiveness
  6. Lol and people want us to offer Forster a new contract? Please get rid
  7. Did you watch the game yesterday? He was in no mans land on 2-3 occasions missed completely the ball coming out, leaving an open goal and Liverpool completely missing their chances to finish, Minamino one of the culprits.
  8. Nop very serious. he can go through purple patches but overall he is very limited. great at shot stopping yes, but poor in the air, indecisive and his kicking is average
  9. Ramsdale is such a shit keeper. He panicks and flaps most of the time. doesn’t install any confidence in the defense for me.
  10. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Exactly, he s not strong physically enough for this level, you could see that from day one.
  12. And i ll go as far as saying that some people hated him because he was dull in interviews, could hardly speak english and he was french (which some english people are not fond of) They prefer an eloquent english speaking dinosaure who knows nothing about tactics and praises his team for working hard and putting crosses into the box.
  13. He got us to a cup final end of.
  14. Agree on Henderson, a much better keeper than Johnsone
  15. Watch Ralph work his magic now that we will invest a little more.
  16. There goes away our chance of signing Broja. Serbs and Albania hate each other.
  17. Why is it different? We more than often have reverted to back 3s against bigger clubs. Timing as you say has nothing to do with it, you adapt your formation based on the opposition not whether your 4-2-2-2 formation has worked in previous games. Fans cannot grasp this and based on your comment cannot either.
  18. Fans are so fickle though, he tried the exact same formation against Liverpool that he did vs Spurs and got berated for it as it didn t work.
  19. I asked Tom Leach about it on Twitter and hasn’t answered so it may seem that some have been told to shut it in exchange of maybe getting the exclusive story if and when it happens? Not really anything concrete but just speculating and may explain why we ve heard nothing in the media.
  20. Let s all be honest, if we had a goal ruled out with that sort of marginal offside and by a nonnexistent foul on the opposition goalkeeper we would all be going bonkers on here and slating Taylor and VAR
  21. Those who want rid of Ralph need their head checked.
  22. It is because he barks out orders which organizes our defense and limits the opposition shots, at least thst s what the Forster fan club says.
  23. Depends if we are taken over I reckon.
  24. Keeping us afloat given we have one of the worse budgets in the PL.
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