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  1. I still don t think it was necessary to extend long s contract. That basically prevents us from buying another striker in the next few years unless Obafemi or Adams leave.
  2. To be honest Kat was exactly the same, so all in all nothing has changed except Kat was swiss and Gao is chinese. And i ve seen some have a pop on here on the fact that our owner is from china.
  3. That would mean he is staying. Wonder if he is negociating a new contract?
  4. stevy777_x


    Salisu can also operate as a CDM
  5. You do know he has 12 months left on his contract like Hojbjerg? This depreciates his price... so 8m is about right.
  6. Move him on. Now is the perfect time when his stock is high. It can help finance Hojbjerg s replacement.
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    Site issues

    This is ridiculous, do something about this or migrate back to the old site. It was working fine
  8. Got it, let s go and sign a sunday league keeper then. If their saves ratio is really high let s sign one. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. No it doesn t. The Scottish league is not on the same level as the PL
  10. Unless other english clubs are in for him...
  11. It is, he is taking the piss.
  12. Should we be worried about Salisu taking this long?
  13. Oh why ? Are you afraid of the big bad wolf Levy? Small club tin pot mentality right there.
  14. Yep, he s also about to play a cup final on Friday against PSG. 2 cup finals in 4 years is not bad for a rubbish manager...
  15. Only need to win by a goal more than them next weekend.
  16. We need to sell off Forster, he is costing us an absolute fortune. sell when his stock is high. we need to be ruthless if we want to improve the squad elsewhere
  17. That is why VAR is for. we have been too often on the wrong end of incorrect decisions. Do not feel sorry one bit for Bournemouth. Howe spent a lot of money there and could not get them To the requiered lrvel with that level of money. Solanke Ibe were bought for loads of money. They ll struggle next if they go down as no more prem money and they ll have trouble getting rid of some average players on prem money
  18. Going by Ralph s last press conference, he doesn t appear extra keen to sign, says he s had good games but has made mistakes too and that they have several options in the summer to fill the right back spot and he hasn t decided yet.
  19. AS is considered as a BS sports newspaper In Spain and invents loads of stories. Wouldn t take their view as Gospel. They announce Neymar at Barcelona every 5 mins
  20. We need to sell some of these players when their stocks are high. That is the mistake we make, if they were not good enough in the first place for us, they won t be better 2nd or 3rd time round. It was the same for Gallagher, we kept him for a season and ended up sellinh him for half his value a yesr before.
  21. Djenepo Boufal and Valery are probably out for the season, according to Ralph. wouldn t be suprised if Boufal has played his last game for us
  22. Should we win today, we will be right in the race for 7th-8th
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