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  1. It is not great having someone leaving us alone with no cash. Not having an overall strategy, drive or direction could be our downfall ultimately.
  2. Forster and Moi in part exchange for Edouard? Yes yes yes
  3. People suggesting Mitrovic haven t seen how we play or have no football knowledge whatsover. Sorry guys!
  4. Would love to see him and Theo back at the club next season.
  5. Now now, no need to fight girlies
  6. That s because he is not a bad manager. Some people actually see beyond a poor run of form. Like it or not he ishere to stay and i m perfectly fine with that
  7. We don t need a target man or someone slow. For Ralph s style we need someone with pace a la Timo Werner
  8. Lopez did not manage the Lille finances very well. But it was done to compete at the top of the table of Ligue 1 and they now have loads of high value players that they can easily sell off (1 or 2) to make sure the finances are in order. With champions league football and a potential Ligue 1 title they have done very well. Lopez also has links to Luis Campos who brought in all the players at Lille and is excellent at identifying talent. A definate upgrade on DaGrosa but that s not saying much.
  9. Add Juan Musso of Udinese to that list, looks very very good
  10. Would like us to get rid of Forster this summer. Average goalkeeper who can t distribute properly, and the highest paid player at the club ffs!!! Ditto Angus Gunn get rid keep McCarthy as back up Been looking at a few goalkeepers that fit Ralph s need in terms of distribution and commanding the area by sweeping: Fernando Pacheco of Deportivo Alaves Kevin Trapp of Frankfurt Alex Remiro of Real Sociedad Timo Horn of FC Koln
  11. I was just about to suggest it rename into takeover rumors thread
  12. stevy777_x


    You explained it well but the majority of the people don t see this, they just see the 4-2-2-2 formation when in game we sometimes play 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2 or variations. It s not all about formations though its about balance in the team, that gives us solidy defensively, lets us play with attacking numbers and to be able to counter what the opposition is. Its not all that simple, that s why you need tactically aware players that know to push and when not to. The managers can t call all the shots all the time from the touchline.
  13. stevy777_x


    We do change it in game especially when one of the strikers drops deeper, we already use tactical variations but most of you are too thick to notice it.
  14. It is as we ll have money to remodel the squad.
  15. Think we can forget about being taken over right now. No one isgonna buy us under this current climate.
  16. That Horseman chap seems like a good manager 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ another dinosaur
  17. Stop your fucking agenda. We understood your point. but he s staying for the foreseeable future and nothing you can do about it!
  18. So much drama on this thread. we ll win the semi and you ll all crawl back to your shells.
  19. We don t have a scouting network in South America Ralph pretty much said it in his presser.
  20. Ralph saos yesterday in his presser that brexit rules it opened new markets such as South America but that we don t have the scouting network. Well why did they not anticipate those changes and set it up before? They knew this was gonna happen since the start of the season. Great strategy again!
  21. Yes if we want to push for top 8. for anything under that he is sufficient
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