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  1. Jeremy

    Phil Spector

    Did Spector produce Sergeant Pepper's? Vinyl albums for these are now collector's items over here, bit like old 60's and earlier Morris Minors.
  2. Jeremy


    Did that include the Palestinians (I'm being facetious)?
  3. Jeremy

    Phil Spector

    Peter Jackson's everywhere. Personally, I didn't like his Lord of the Rings and Hobbit efforts (whatever they were called). Too much special effect stuff on battles (anybody can do that), not enough subtleness. Best break-out movie for me is ET. And here comes the ridiculous comments ...
  4. Dude, it's not as good as it was. The place was noted for egalitariansm, but not so much now.
  5. I really like the positive comments and posts on this thread about your team that I've always followed from the other side of the world for some reason. As I've said before, I know absolutely nothing about football compared to probably all of you but I recognise good sport when I see it. That team has got a lot of potential.
  6. Not sure if I've mentioned this before but, apparently, there is record interest from Americans enquiring about emigrating to New Zealand. The problem is that we have these eligibility rules that give preference to wealthy people. I think some immigration is ok (inevitable) but I wouldn't be happy with living with people harbouring crazy political ideologies. That Christchurch gunman who killed 51 Muslims last year was a far right Australian who came here becuase it was easy.
  7. A friend (political junkie) played this recording to me today. I think Trump is a MOFO but I also think the second impeachment is a farcical political stunt and Derschowitz is right about the constitutional right to freedom of speech. I would be happy to have Derschowitz on my side in a legal battle. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3cszbyj
  8. How are seats allocated for away team supporters at St Marys (does anybody know)? Also, anybody know how much revenue is brought into Souhhampton when you host an away team? I'm involved in organising a cycling event over here (NZ) where we get public funds on account of the assumption that the event attracts publicity for Palmerston North (and possibly short- or long-term revenue for local business from visitors). This may seem a bit daft but what about public/private owernship of the Club: joint venture with a big noter financier and perhaps the Southampton City Council (or whatever it is c
  9. Been away all day and just had the chance to read this thread after seeing the extended highlights. This post is absolutely right; it implies this was a deserved win, not some lucky result following an own goal, dubious penalty or scuffed shot that wrong-footed the keeper. The goal was crafted by arguably the two most consistent players in the EPL managed by one of the best (genuine?) managers in top level football at the moment. The game was won fairly by the better side on the night. I'm just annoyed I didn't get my usual $10 bet in for the win😒.
  10. Why was that (regrettably I never went to the Dell)?
  11. I'm no football expert but thought the team generally looked a bit tired. I can also now understand the importance of having a squad with a bit of depth. I think the fixture schedule is really tough (possibly unfair) on those teams in the league with moderate budgets like Saints.
  12. Damn it. I tried to delete the link and replace it with a link about the meaning of life. Sorry about that.
  13. Water and coffee. Yourself?
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