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  1. Been listening to BBC2 online while doing administration at home. The news said Boris will try and stop this. Hope he does. They've done something like this with rugby in NZ when they created what's now called "Super 15" that now consists of professional franchise rugby teams from NZ, Australia, South Africa and Argentina. It's killing the sport. When it started in the early 2000s it was very exciting and popular becuase it was new but the novelty's well worn off with the same teams playing each other year-in and year-out. Crowds have dwindled and I also think TV viewing is far less than it
  2. Agree with these sentiments. Think I'll pack it in and look forward to the NZ-England cricket series coming up. This post will probably be deleted by the mods for being in the wrong place but what the hell.
  3. Listened to the second half radio commentary on Saints Web while getting ready to come to work. I've read the comments on here about this and that but the two commentators, whoever they are and who are usually very balanced and fair, also said that Saints didn't show up today. I can't understand how the team's form has fallen so far and so fast. Everybody was so full of high hopes at the start of the season and the attractive and winning football, including me. They're young, fit guys who run round a football pitch every week or so. They might do, what, 8 kms tops? I ran 11km last night and
  4. Jeremy, just like half a dozen other posters on here apparently. I've put $5 on a very unlikely draw.
  5. FFS. Haven't you got anything better to say? Mate, just accept I'm from New Zealand, never been to Kenya, last played a round of golf years' ago and never been on this site until I joined last year. Also, it's only "interesting" to you.
  6. NFW. Agree with the post but I've followed SFC for decades. But I'm not betting on them.
  7. This. I'm going for a gutsy famous win that will be remembered for years. But I'm not prepared to risk $10 on it regrettably. Like everybody else on here, I don't want to see a gutless performance. Trying your best and still just not being good enough is hard but acceptable
  8. Yeah, including the $10 I bet on a Saints win (and all the other times recently when I hoped "a corner had been turned" and bet the win). I'm not doing that again this season, or possibly ever.
  9. Just logged on here. I, like many of you, was expecting a comfortable win to Saints. Can't understand how a greyhound has turned into an overweight corgi in the space of a few months.
  10. $10 on a Saints win. My mate Glasgow said so.
  11. What's the story about earlier posts referring to shirt pulling? Next thing somebody will bring up pillow biting. Look it up. Joking folks.
  12. What's that poster's name because I may as well call myself "whatever his name is junior". You do know I'm the former Prince Harry, and great admirer of Jeremy Paxman of Universtity Challenge fame, right? Or, I could be Tiger Woods with the Kenyan father and not bad on a putter.
  13. I've just read this thead from page 6 (been away for a while on Safari in Kenya and preparing for the next European Golf Season). It should be placed in the Saints threads Hall of Fame. It is very darkly funny in places. Great win in front of a very tough audience.
  14. Stop it. Now you're being too humorous.
  15. some bad-tempered developments on this thread, and the new thread about scapegoats, reflect low morale among posters (me also). I apologise for my part but I am not a scratch golfer and have never been to Glasgow or Kenya. The timing of my posts reflects the fact that i live in NZ. I am also predicting a win next match because a couple of goals against the runaway team is a cause for some hope. Need to keep the faith.
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