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  1. I wish he'd fuck off. All that crap this week about having sorted the defence and that's the platform for winning games. Next thing we concede 4 at Liverpool and fail to score, again. Yes, we need to defend better than last season but we also need to start scoring goals as that's how games are won! It's time for a change of management, before it's too late.
  2. Ralph is a clueless knobhead. When have we ever played 5-2-3? Why try it against Liverpool? If he'd gone 5-4-1 I could have seen the logic but that lineup was suicide before a ball was even kicked. Last week was a joke, this week was just embarrassing. He has got to go!!!
  3. Edited to look at it in a more positive and accurate way. Based on the same fixtures last season we're already 6 points better off this term.
  4. When is Ralph going to get it right? Starts Broja, which is great, but plays him up front with fucking, Redmond. What is his obsession with NR? I wouldn't even have him on the bench. Any remaining respect I had for RH has gone. (Now watch Redmond nick it for us in the 2nd half. 😂)
  5. Any remaining respect I had for Ralph has gone out of the window. Yes, he's started, Broja, which is good, but who does he play him with... fucking, Nathan Redmond. What a bellend.
  6. Isn't it great to see Danny Ings resurrecting his England career since moving to a 'Bigger Club' to improve his chances of representing his country.
  7. We need Stuart Armstrong back. We struggled to win games when he wasn't playing last season. That said, we struggled to win games when he was. 😄 But in all seriousness, he just seems to give us something that's missing at the moment. It would help is Ralph started playing the likes of Broja and Tella too.
  8. Have you read what he said? "You were excellent".
  9. City supporting mate sent me this message at full time. Mate, that was as bad as we have played since Stuart Pearce days, collectively. Truly abysmal. However, you were excellent, defended very well & with a decent striker would have been easy winner's. Well done Saints.
  10. Pretty happy with that. If you look at the same 4 fixtures from last season (Everton. Man Utd, Newcastle, WHU) we got 0 points from any of them. This season we've taken 3pts, so it's an improvement.
  11. Djenepo shouldn't be starting games. He's a sub that you bring on for the last 15-20 mins. Redmond has to start in that position for our next game. Walcott's just another sub. Moi looking like a vastly improved player and decent cover for S. Armstrong, who I can't wait to see back in the first team. We look much better when he plays. At least our strongest 11 seems to be taking shape now.
  12. Has anyone watched the lad play? I've done some digging around and found some bits and pieces. I know it's not easy to tell from watching videos but he doesn't look like anything special at all. Surely we'd have been better to spend 3 or 4m more and gone for the lad from Forest, who looks far more impressive from the videos I've seen.
  13. I do hope the club aren't selling him. Losing Ings and Vestergaard was a blow but I'll be properly pissed off if they let him go. We looked so much better with him in the team last season.
  14. Certainly didn't expect that result. McCarthy makes me nervous. With our current 2 CB's I'd still like to see us play with OR anchored in front of them for protection. I'd then play SA & JWP in front of him playing box-to-box. Stick Tella (Djenepo or Redmond) on one side and Adams on the other with Armstrong up front. Not so much a 4-3-3 but a 4-1-2-3 or 4-1-4-1.
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