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  1. They do a range of Retro kits for Spurs. Hopefully we'll see some of the rare shirts available in retro form.
  2. The squad lacks the depth that we require - We know that. I'd hope that we're looking to get a couple of players on loan for the second half of the season, just to cover injuries and suspensions. However, I'm not sure we will. If we're able to get 2 players in then one definitely needs to be a defender. Probably a LB. People keep calling for a consistent winger, but I'm not sure they exist. All wingers seem to drift in and out of games or have a blinding game every 1 in 4. I think we need something different up front. I'm surprised they've not stuck Long out on loan to a Championship clu
  3. Exactly. VAR the talking point once again. It's ruining the game. Football matches should not be decided in that way. Very harsh.
  4. That's exactly it. My e-mails to the club shop to ask the question haven't been replied to. The kit fiasco continues...
  5. A valid point. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Based upon what I've seen of the two players so far this season, it's looking like we've come out of it with the worse deal, but it's early days.
  6. Press raving about Reed. Still think we were mad to let him go and then spend £11m on a replacement. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/12/01/give-him-the-armband-did-southampton-sell-the-new-hojbjerg-for-just-8m/
  7. Site is saying that the shirt with the new sponsor is available to pre-order. Does anybody know when these are likely to start shipping?
  8. I only got 5/1 at half time. I just had a gut feeling we wouldn't hold out for the win. I think we'll lose against Brighton. ☹️
  9. That's a fair comment. As a I said to a work colleague today, with his past history it would be a miracle if he didn't suffer some kind of recurrence at some point. Let's just hope it's at some point well into the future.
  10. Funny how things can change. At the start of the year there were people on here saying that he should never be seen in a Saints shirt again. Good to see that he's proving his doubters wrong.
  11. Didn't Stephens play as a CDM against Wolves in the cup last season. Had a mare if I remember correctly.
  12. I placed an order on Oct 4th. It said delivery time was 3-5 days. Just checked my order status and it says 'Unknown'. Honestly, can this club to anything right? 😂
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