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  1. Lost there last year, so that's 3 points gained this year. However, we won at Palace and beat Spurs at home last term and we lost both of them this time, so we're 3 points down on last season from the same 3 fixtures. Really need to push on with a win next week... And get those 3 signings that Ralph has talked about over the line..
  2. As predicted, we're going for a loan option, although I think I said I thought it would be someone from Liverpool or Spurs. All the talk of the likes of McKennie and Ntcham was just hot air. We've clearly got no money and have resorted to the loan signing of a player who is probably no better than one who we've just offloaded to Fulham. As others have said. What's the obsession with shopping in poundland? This club is so fucking frustrating.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Why would any player want to join this shower of shit?
  4. Done! Problem is that it's full of shit again after watching that fucking joke. We are fucking shit! FACT!
  5. Face facts... 1. We haven't got a replacement lined up. 2. We potentially had one but sold him to Fulham. 3. The 'targets' that were supposedly identified were clearly just a load of hot air. McKennie, Ntcham, Choudhury. Why would any of them come to Saints? 4. We'll end up with some kid on loan from somewhere like Spurs or Liverpool.
  6. Completely embarrassing. Outplayed by a weakened Brentford team. Saints are the masters of selling players and not having a replacement lined up. McKennie, Ntcham, Choudhury... All talk. We clearly don't have anybody lined up and will probably end up taking a couple of midfielders on loan at the 11th hour just to dig us out of a hole. Clearly, our best option would have been to keep Reed and to actually give him game time. Typical Saints. Get our hopes up with a decent run of games at the end of last season and then 6 weeks later look like a League two outfit.
  7. I wonder which of those they'll wear at St. Mary's?
  8. Quite like the new Crystal Palace shirts. Same template for all 3. Makes you wonder what we could have had if we had a decent kit manufacturer.
  9. Pretty confident that we won't see him in a Saints shirt again. I expect he'll go for about £5m plus add ons, which I think is a bloody good deal for one club.
  10. I always thought he offered us something different in the middle. No doubt about his work rate. He's one of those niggly players. A mate describes him as being like a Jack Russell. Never stops running and not afraid to have a go at anyone. I'll be really disappointed if we let him go, particularly if it's to a team like Fulham or Burnley.
  11. Surely the purpose of manufacturing and selling these items is to make money? Why would you produce something that from the outset you know will never sell in any quantity? I wonder who looks after these things at the club and gives to go ahead for crap like this training shirt? There's clearly something amiss. This year we had a training shirt that was only available to buy for about a month and then the club announced that there wouldn't be any more. So we had a shirt that wasn't available, which equals no income, and now we have a shirt that's so hideous it won't sell, which equals no income. There's a theme developing here. We're not very good at capitalising on merchandising opportunities.
  12. It would be disappointing if we let Reed go to Burnley. I genuinely believe he's capable of doing a job for us.
  13. Exactly. Reed's been one of the best players in the Championship this season. He can definitely do a job for us.
  14. I'd rather see Reed in the team over Hoj.
  15. A mate who's a Leeds fan and watches a lot of Championship football said that he'd seen a good bit of Reed this season. He said he thought he was exactly what Leeds are lacking in Midfield. He also said that he'd be in the top 3 Championship players that he's seen this season. The others being Benrahma and Pereira.
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