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  1. Obafemi. And if Ings stays, Obafemi will go.
  2. Switch on TV at 8.15. 1-0 down after 2 mins. TV off by 8.18. We are so fucking shite. https://www.facebook.com/BBCArchive/videos/474164209623281
  3. Remember when Walcott used to know where the back of the net was?
  4. He has been in a lot of the games he's played. Looked ok when we first signed him on loan. Slowly got worse, then injured and now just looks awful. I thought he'd bag a few goals for us. How wrong could I have been?
  5. I thought they wore it at Luton and possibly QPR too, but I could be mistaken. There's only a couple of the original shirts still in existence. The majority were donated to a Sunday league team when Saints had finished with them. They stuck their own club badge and sponsorship over the Saints and Draper badges.
  6. People laughing about us getting Howe in. What have we got to lose? He's a good choice to get us back up when we get relegated next season. If we keep Ralph then there's no way he's going to stay when we go down, so get Howe in now. I watched the FA Cup semi at the weekend and throughout the second half the commentators pointed out that Southampton didn't seem to know how to change things. They were absolutely spot on. It's been the story of our season and you can't blame that on the players. We've got some good players and Ralph simply isn't getting the best out of them.
  7. I'd have got Howe in a month ago. I've just got a feeling that Ralph won't stick around at the end of the season. He'll certainly not stick around if we get relegated... Hopefully that's unlikely. Howe would have given the team a much needed boost for the last 1/4 of the season. In the event that we did get relegated at least we'd have a manager who would stick around and have a go at getting us back up.
  8. Ralph should have gone a month ago. Should have got a new manager in to give them a bloody good kick up the arse for the final quarter of the season. Something that Ralph seems incapable of doing. I honestly thought they might have turned a corner after the comeback against Burnley. It was great to see the team pretty much back at full strength. Stupidly, I got my hopes up. Should have known it would be business as usual a week later. I wouldn't be surprised if they go into the last game of the season needing a win to stay up. The only good thing about Saints is those new Humm
  9. That was absolutely superb. 6 weeks ago at 2-0 down inside the first 30 mins we'd have just given up and gone on to concede 2 or 3 more. I can't remember the last time we went 2 down and came back to win. It's a great feeling to have watched them recover from those early setbacks. Good to see the squad pretty much back to full strength too.
  10. Whoever we go for needs to be prepared to manage us in the Championship.
  11. Macca in goal? Given how many he's let in recently it has to be Forster in goal. 5 at the back? I don't think so. Evans???
  12. If we go down, Ralph won't stay. I say we may as well make a move for Eddie Howe. Bring him in now and he might be able to keep us up. If he doesn't, we've got a decent Championship manager.
  13. Resting half the team at Man City so that they were available for this 6 pointer worked out well, didn't it? 😕 I'll say what I said when I saw the team he put out at Man City. A manager should always play the best team that's available to him. Having your 'best players' (take that with a pinch of salt) sat on the bench is bizarre. You can't go around trying to protect your best players from possible injury. They might get injured. On the other hand, they might not. In the event that you do lose a player to injury then deal with it, if it happens. Benching players so that they don't get injur
  14. Anyone got one of these Retro shirts for sale? Club shop has sold out and won't be getting more.
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