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  1. Not quite sure how you think the rest is bollocks when it's a fact that we have only taken 4 points in the last 30? Looking at your other posts, you seem to get some kind of kick from trying to ridicule and belittle other people for having an opinion that isn't the same as yours. Quote... "You do talk some crap mush. Stick to slagging Redmond off and you wont look so stupid." This is a forum. A place for people to share views and opinions. This may come as a bit of a disappointment and a shock, but they're not all going to be the same as yours. That doesn't make people stupid.
  2. 1. Do people honestly still think we'll stay up? If so, how? We don't even be able to pick up points in the games that look winnable on paper. 2. If we do stay up, what do people honestly think is going to happen next season? If we don't go down this year, then we're definitely going next year. This club is fucked.
  3. I try to look at the positive side. It's actually 4 points from 30. 4 points since the start of the year. What a fucking joke. If we'd got 4 points from our first 10 games of the season there'd absolutely no way Ralph would still have a job.
  4. You can't start a game with Adams, Redmond and Tella (who actually did ok) when you look at our recent form. If it had been a cup game against a league one team, then maybe, but not away at Leeds FFS. Ralph looks like a man who has run out of ideas. That starting line up tonight just looked desperate. Djenepo was man of the match on Saturday. His work rate was superb. What does Ralph do? Stick him on the bench. Minamino has scored 2 in 3. What does Ralph do, stick him on the bench. There's an argument for resting Ings, but you don't replace all 3 of them with 3 players who don't score goa
  5. Exactly this. We need to start getting some points on the board and fast. 6 weeks ago people said there was absolutely no chance of Saints being relegated and that 35 points should be enough. Just look how the odds have been slashed. The gap is now down to 8 points and we still have to play Fulham, who look like they've got a lot more fight than we have, as do the likes of Burnley. I could see it going down to the wire between us, Fulham and Brighton. 1 win in 13! 1 point in 8 games. Another 9-0 defeat! If we'd started the season with that form Ralph would be long gone.
  6. They're not going to click when Ralph leaves, Minamino, Ings and Djenepo on the bench. Redmond couldn't hit a barn door. Adams scores once in a blue moon and Tella had never started a league game. Utterly bizarre decisions. The buck stops with Ralph. He got that totally wrong tonight. The minute I saw the line up I knew we'd come away with nothing.
  7. Disappointed to have thrown away the lead, again, but if you'd offered me a draw before the game I'd have taken it. Any point is a welcome point at the moment. If we can get something at Leeds it would be superb.
  8. Based on recent form, Fraser. Disappointed to see that Ralph is going to play McCarthy on Sunday. I honestly think that's a big mistake. Let's not forget, McCarthy has conceded 12 in 2 games. That must do something to your confidence. If a striker scored in every one of his last four appearances he'd be straight in the team. A keeper keeps 4 clean sheets and gets dropped. It makes no sense. Keeper error to cost us points on Sunday, anyone?
  9. Armstrong is my favourite Saints player. Very underrated. I'm sure we've won games when he hasn't played, but it does feel that if his name isn't on the starting sheet then we don't win. He makes a huge difference. Be interested to see know many games we've won when he hasn't played.
  10. Great result. Just hope that puts us back on track in the league, although knowing Saints we'll probably do what we did against Arsenal after we knocked them out if the cup. Hope I'm wrong. Thought that Fraser played well. He'd be in my starting 11 on Sunday. Not sure what Salisu thought he was doing. That very nearly cost us our lead. Redmond doesn't look like he could hit a barn door at the moment.
  11. I've asked him where he thinks the next points are going to come from, that's all. I'm not asking him to provide an answer so that I can head off to the bookies. I was merely looking for opinions. Isn't that the point of an internet forum? I appreciate that it's hard to predict anything at the moment, particularly when we've only picked up 6 points from 10 games and beaten the league champions (which I doubt anybody expected) and then dropped points against some awful teams and been beaten 9-0 by Man Utd. Hence my question. Where do people think our next points are going to come from? Do
  12. Are you aware that people are 8 times more likely to post on an internet forum or review page when they've had a bad experience? Obviously not. Ever thought about being a politician? You seem to be very good at skirting questions and offering little in the way of answers.
  13. Why don't you just answer the question and we'll see if you're right. When do you think Saints will rediscover their form and pick up their next points?
  14. Anyone want to place a bet on where the next points are going to come from? I genuinely don't see us getting to 40 points this season. 35 would be a miracle at this rate.
  15. He had Djenepo sat on the bench and chose to let Redmond see out the game against 9 men. Inexcusable.
  16. At this rate I'd be surprised if they manage to stay up. This is Saints. Probably the only club who could top the Premier league and be relegated in the same season. Just another embarrassing record to add to the growing collection.
  17. Can someone tell me where the next points are going to come from. What's that, 1 win in 10 or 11?, I've lost count.
  18. We never seem to win when Armstrong doesn't play.
  19. So at what point do people consider a score to be a thrashing? Is 4-0 a thrashing or just a bad day at he office?
  20. Pre Premier League, from 1970. 70/71 5-1 v Man Utd. 71/72 8-0 v Everton. 7-0 v Leeds Utd. 72/73 4-0 v Derby Co. 73/74 7-0 v Ipswich. 6-2 v Derby Co. 74/75 4-0 v Millwall 75/76 4-1 v Charlton Ath. 76/77 6-2 v Charlton Ath. 77/78 3-0 v Millwall 78/79 4-0 v Leeds Utd & Coventry City. 79/80 4-0 v WBA 80/81 7-1 v Watford. 81/82 5-2 v Ipswich. 82/83 6-0 v Spurs. 83/84 4-0 v QPR. 84/85 5-1 v Spurs. 85/86 7-0 v Luton Town. 86/87 5-1 v Man Utd. 87/88 4-0 v Everton. 88/89 6-1 v Luton Town. 89/90 3-0 v Everton & Liverpool. 90/91 6-2 v Derby Co. 91/92 5
  21. Since the Premier League Began, here's the games we conceded the most goals in, by season... 92/93 5-2 v Sheff Wed. Arsenal, Spurs and Oldham all put 4 past us that season. 93/94 4-0 v Arsenal. 94/95 5-1 v Newcastle Utd. 95/96 4-1 v Man Utd. 4-2 v Arsenal and 4-3 v Notts Forest. 96/97 7-1 v Everton. 97/98 4-0 v Derby. 4-2 v Chelsea and 4-3 v Barnsley. 98/99 7-1 v Liverpool. 5-0 v Charlton. 99/00 7-2 v Spurs. 5-0 v Newcastle Utd. 00/01 5-0 v Man Utd. 01/02 6-1 v Man Utd. 02/03 6-1 v Arsenal. 03/04 4-0 v Chelsea. 04/05 5-1 v Spurs. 12/13 6-1 v Arsenal. 13/14 4-1 v
  22. I was looking at the Koeman era and that seems to have been one of our better periods defensively. Just remembered that Man City stuck 6 past us in 2018. I honestly can't think of another team who've had as many annual hidings.
  23. Has anyone got a list of our biggest defeats by season? I've got a horrible feeling that our club may feature more than any other when it comes to biggest defeats of the season. A good thumping seems to be an annual event for Saints. A few that come to mind, 7-0 at Luton. 7-1 at Watford. A 5-0 and a couple of 6-1's against Arsenal. 7-1 and 6-1 against Liverpool. 7-1 at Everton. Spurs have often put 5 past us and I seem to recall them beating us 7-2.
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