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  1. Their used to be a group of fans in the archers who could see no value in David Armstrong, based on some of the views on some of our current players I assume they are still alive and still no nothing about football.
  2. Losing is always disappointing, but what did people actually expect when playing the best team in the league. A makeshift side with players playing out of position, and notable injuries. Played well at times but made some schoolboy errors.
  3. Tella has got real potential
  4. City just have to much quality, every mistake is capitalised on. We have a makeshift team and it shows even more than normal.
  5. Needed that, I thought we managed the 2nd half very well considering the lack of confidence. SU really are poor. Fleck should have walked as should the Neanderthal McBurnie.
  6. Vestt and Bednarek have dealt well with crosses.
  7. More for kicking the ball away i think
  8. We have certainly been poor and its a difficult watch but SU are far worse. We have gifted them chances they would not have created from their own efforts and fortunately they have not capitalised. Ill take the positives, Tella a bright prospect, KWP back and looking good, Armstrong getting more and more important. Need more control in the 2nd half.
  9. Think I wiil go and finish my jigsaw.
  10. Very disappointing, there is a decent team in there somewhere but Ralph hasn't found it recently. He must do something, he is a good manager but seems to have run out of ideas.
  11. Tella should have stayed on and Adams should have gone, he has not had his best game today
  12. Another decision that would not have been made if it were a big club
  13. Rather than comparing Tella with Redmond, lets just applaud Tella
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