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  1. Too much positivity, close this thread down (in all seriousness, thanks for kind words)
  2. Did you also come up with those 9/11 conspiracy theories?
  3. Do you mind if I use some of this on my headstone?
  4. To clairfy, Matt was not whinging. I asked him about it as that is my job. The club's greatest player is at loggerheads with its chairman. It is a story and I would rather try to get the truth rather than rely on whispers and tweets.
  5. Actually, I put understand because I have been told by a reliable source. When I mention other people's work, I say reports. At my organisation we only report stuff we know to be true.
  6. Sorry if you didn't get any nuggets of information guys. I can only answer the questions I am given &, to be frank, there have been few developments on Gaston at midnight! Jason Puncheon to star this season, though?
  7. Get your facts right. I never once said a deal for Rodriguez was a long way off, especially not on the day. Feel free to check my timeline. I pride myself in getting things right and would never post anything I did not believe to be correct.
  8. True, because I predominantly cover London football. Southampton is my team so I utilise my contacts as and when I can for stories.
  9. The latter. I am sorry if my stories are not juicy enough. I only report fact.
  10. Saw him play a few times and he never really impressed. No better than our current crop, that's for sure.
  11. I hope to have some interesting news regarding the loan fee shortly... [stop the press: No I won't, sorry]
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