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  1. On 30/09/2020 at 13:50, trousers said:

    I'm still disappointed they didn't get promoted last season. Would have taken the hilarity to stratospheric levels.


    2 hours ago, Matthew Le God said:

    If you think Saints defending at times is bad. This is Pompey vs the mighty Burton Albion today...


    still if you score more than you concede it isn't all bad,,,,Jacket out. 

  2. 4 hours ago, edprice1984 said:

    I was feeling nostalgic yesterday evening, as Saints prepare for another season in the Premier League while 'them lot' face more uncertainty and struggles in League One.

    So I decided to go through the timeline of chaos and hilarity that was their Takeover Saga. I cam across the following website - http://www.chainrai.com/photos/

    It is, as you would expect, gloriously tinpot and encapsulates everything about Pompey. Enjoy!

    one photo missing, the one that has him being chased down the street,😎

  3. 9 hours ago, rallyboy said:

    Did I see that the former treasurer of the supporters' trust has been done for personal tax evasion?


    I was also amused to hear Catlin banging on at great length about his disgust at the potential idea that some rivals might attempt to gain a competitive advantage by offering wages that they can't afford under the new rules.

    Selective memory.

    rally's its all smoke n mirrors with Catlin. Disney has spent sweet f**k all on this club, and has told his lapdog we're getting noooo one, the patchwork quilt of a ground that we call home has been fixed up with money we had. infact i would say we are no better off than when the trust was pulling the strings, at least with the trust you could see money genarated was going on the beer tab, 

  4. 8 hours ago, Weston Super Saint said:

    They already generate over £3m for the local economy each and every home game, how much more 'kick starting' does it need - unless they lied to the courts...

    Mosh! since when have we ever lied to the courts.:suspicious:

  5. 4 hours ago, spyinthesky said:

    Mack rill,
    You come across as the voice of reason and decency quite distant from the likes of the 'perfumed' Mr Westwood and Co.
    Perhaps you might consider leaving the Dark Side and become an honorary 'Scummer' and break a few Dock Strikes along the way!!!

    in the early seventy's i was one of a few who watched both sides, then things got silly.


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  6. you couldn't make it up, with double that ££ under jacket ball we had nooooo chance, of getting out of this league, H T F we gonna do it now,,,

    if i get to your ground in a wheelchair will one of you pony boys plant me in the vegetable rack each game:mcinnes:

  7. 17 hours ago, Matthew Le God said:

    They are screwed if that is true! Not much room in these concourses for social distancing!

    Fratton Park – an iconic ground | Football and material culture

    Hold on a minute, you pony boys are harping on that we are one big happy family, (incest is best) so we don't need to keep social distance from our Farther-Brother, Muver-Sister do we?:shakey: 

  8. 2 minutes ago, Wes Tender said:

    *Yawn*  It's not fair, the leave voters are thickos, gullible, naive, the vote was rigged by the Ruskies, the leave campaign told lies on the side of the bus, fiddled their expenses, etc, etc.

    The Remain campaign was a model of probity and integrity, all the statistics and economic forecasts put out by them were cautiously underestimated, nobody lied or twisted the truth, and it was an uphill battle defending their pro-Europeanism against the might of the establishment elite and the pro-leave media. 🙄

    The Referendum was just over four years ago. We left the EU at the end of January. Remain lost. Get over it and stop winging. If you're still upset in a decade's time, you might get an opportunity to vote again, providing that the EU still exists.

    post of the day,😎

  9. I four nothing look forward to Pompey wining this trophy six times in a row. Be great if the pubs up there did get used to them turning up for the final of this cup every year......


    one paint pot cup is one two many thankyou very much, are sole,

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