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  1. Really!!! So if a non league club go through the rounds their players have played more and so will have more cards potentially. Theirs should be wiped then?


    talking about FA cup games, that was a gooden last night, i reckon Dinamo would of been proud of that trick, 2-0 up and still managing to play the trophy dodging card,,,,Appy new year Nick,:smug:

  2. They're pulling away a bit from Luton. Sunderland still have a couple of games in hand though...


    Wouldn't it be great if they ended up finishing 3rd and failed in the play-offs? I know the footballing gods have spoilt us this decade but one final hilarious moment before 2020 would be nice...


    no thank you, been through playoffs,,,,, its not nice,:scared:

  3. yer summat your lot seems to be having difficulty with,:smug:[/quote


    We do indeed but the standard of opposition is light years ahead of yours in the third tier,

    look forward to the championshipand then you will see your "quality" in a true light.


    Happy New Year Skate


    you are correct, we are a third tier team,and we're doing ok in this divison,

    you on the other hand are meant to be a prem team so the opposition should not be "light years" ahead of you,

    Happy new year, scummer,

  4. Next season will see this thread come back to life, the fans already are getting ahead of themselves, I can't wait for the crash and burn. And it'll hurt them because we got out of the Championship with the click of the fingers :lol:


    and you could be getting back into the championship the same way, just can't see this new mush being your messiah,

  5. Nothing ever changes down there, if they don't get promoted this thread could get very funny once again. From a very close source, they are flying up to Manchester this weekend whilst their usual (executive) team coach is driven up empty to meet them at the airport. How many other league 1 teams can afford to spunk money like that?


    Behave, the highest our lot will get is if one of the players has some appy backy on the bus,:)

  6. About bloody time. We've been waiting far too long for the laughs and giggles awaiting us nutjobs when they have to start competing with some decent football teams in the Championship rather than the tinpot opponents they've struggled against since their inception 6 years ago (yes, that 6 years of struggle has been equally amusing but it's time now to move on to new chortle territory)


    Trolleys,,, you gave us this s**t when we clawed our way out of league 2.:rolleyes:

  7. And you still don't, as the football status situation is currently...


    Saints = 13th out of 92 clubs




    Pompey = 46th out of 92 clubs





    Saints above Pompey in the football pyramid like they have been for the vast majority of the last 60 years!


    yes, but! unlike my old ladies fanny, the gap is getting smaller.;)

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