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  1. Next 2 games for both teams Rochdale (1st) v Pompey (22nd) Northampton (23rd) v Wimbledon (15th) Newport (12th) v Pompey (22nd) Northampton (23rd) v Bury (19th) Two very winnable home games against lower half teams for the Cobblers. Two tough away games for the skates, the table toppers and Newport who stuffed them 3-0 in the JPT earlier in the season. This time next Saturday night they could be in the drop zone and 3 points adrift.
  2. Down to 10 men now. If anybody wants them btw, live updates on the Cobblers game can be found here: http://wall.ntfc.co.uk/Event/Sixfields_247
  3. +1. Or likewise Roma v Napoli or Juve. Despite the distance from the pitch the Olimpico can be very hostile & intimidating when full or close to it.
  4. I 4 1 am delighted with how Oxford United started their season. Anybody going to stay up for the Football League show? I 4 1 will be.
  5. This. I love it how now they are well below us it doesn't matter anymore, yet when they were above us it really mattered that they were playing United whilst we were playing Rochdale. Sha la la la la la...
  6. This is good! Skates can still finish bottom this way!
  7. 18 in all comps. 8 League defeats in a row. 1 away from equalling club record on both fronts apparently.
  8. Bompey away on Saturday, then Hartlepool away next Tuesday. This time next week they'll be propping up League 1.
  9. Express FM reporting that despite what Trust are saying the adjournment is a disaster. Club set to run out of cash flow money on 21 December. There is money in the club but that will need to go towards creditors and Birch. Club may be liquidated before Boxing Day if issues are not resolved.
  10. 2-0. LOOOL! I have been reliably informed that the low attendance is because of the weather. Nothing to do with the fact the team has lost 6 on the bounce without scoring in 5.
  11. Looks like a decent sized away following from Swindon, and I'm assuming it's fancy dress for the bestest with the theme being 'come along as a blue seat'.
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