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  1. Is it just me or can anyone else see Saints selling Ward-Prowse for £30M plus and replacing him with Grimes at £8M or thereabouts. I certainly think they are thinking about it or doing something similar. Maybe someone other than Grimes. I can see Ings going as well - but I don't know how we would replace his goals. Would Adam Armstrong be good enough if we can get him? I think Adams will get better and score more but we will need another goal scorer. And I can't help thinking we should have kept Targett (Villa's player's player of the season), Reed (Leeds interested by all accounts
  2. I don't think we should bring Minamino back whether its on loan or as a permanent signing. Also think its time to sell Redmond - he needs a change and so do we. And Djenepo either needs to move on permanently or go out on loan to the Championship for a season to get more playing time and first team experience. I'd like to see us sign Danjuma from Bournemouth - maybe we could send Long and Djenepo there on loan as part of the deal to lower the price. I'd be happy with either Ryan Gauld or Ryan Christie as relatively low cost left footed additions in the AM role. Then you'd have
  3. He's got a year left on his contract - and I don't think he will sign another one so we should sell him whilst his stock is relatively high and he has some resale value. He is good at bringing the ball out from the back- but sometimes gets carried away with this and plays us in to trouble - but he's not so great defending when people run at him. He had his good and bad moments but I think it time for him and us to move on. It's probably also time for Stephens to move on - and maybe down a level to get regular first team football. We need younger players who are going to improve an
  4. It's probably time to sell Djenepo - he has 2 years left on his contract so he still has some value. At the end of next season - unless he drastically improves his value will drop considerably. I think he will improve - but he needs to play regularly at a lower level if he's going to - we can't afford to give him the game time in the Premier League - and I am not sure he will ever be consistent or disciplined enough. He does work hard though. I'd sell both him and Redmond this summer - trade them in for someone who is good enough to play that AM / No10 / Inside Forward role on th
  5. I think the reality was we were desperate for cash - and spent the money or most of it on Djneppo. But yes I think its bad squad planning - having just 1 right back and 1 left back doesn't look like good planning (not unless you are hoping for no injuries, suspensions or loss of form). And yes on the 1st July I think they will wake up and think shit we haven't got a left back in the first team squad - we really need to buy 2 now.
  6. Unfortunately I don't see us doing any better next season than this season with a squad like that. Plus I think Vestergaard will be moving on to pastures new. Meaning we will need a new CB as well. We need to replace the players that will be leaving - as well as add some more quality and depth to the squad. A first choice left back is going to cost us more than £10M I would guess which means we are probably going to blow our budget on 2 or 3 players to replace players we have lost - unless we sell a few more. Rico Henry would be good if Brentford don't get promoted - or may
  7. The only problem with selling Targett was with McQueen's injury and Vokins as the next in line from the academy (and not good enough or anywhere near ready enough) it left us with only one Left Back in Ryan Bertrand and no cover - and this summer without a first team left back at all. The money from selling Targett needed to be spent on replacing him the summer we sold him - or at least some of it. Now we are desperate for a left back and any club selling us a left back this summer will be adding a couple of million to the price knowing we are desperate. We should have kept Targett
  8. Rebel

    Plan B

    Plan A doesn't seem to be working - so we definately need a Plan B - if not a new Plan A. The biggest problem we have is the squad is not deep enough - and what do we have is very unbalanced. Plan B could be as simple as going from a 4-2-2-2 to 4-3-2-1/4-3-1-2 to hold a lead or be less open against one of the top teams or even in the second half of a game and playing on the break a bit more - but at the moment we don't have really have a third CM to do that (Janketwitz aside) with Romeu and Smallbone being injured (and Slattery out on loan/injured). As it is we don't really h
  9. That's only if Bertrand, Ings and Vestergaard don't leave surely. We need 2 LBs - one to replace Bertrand and another to provide cover and competition for the position. (It does suggest they don't think Vokins is good enough so why did they give him a long term contract?) And if they think we need another right back it must mean Valery is on his way out and Kayne Ramsey is not judged to be good enough (so why did they give him a new contract unless they see him as a centre back on plan to send him out on loan to get more experience). Whether or not Ings stays or goes we need an
  10. One question - how come we got our 10 point deduction carried across to the next season - costing us a play-off place - and they didn't? OK two questions - how come its only -10 points when Luton and Leeds got -15 or more? They always seem to get away with it somehow!
  11. I think they need to win at least 2 of their last three games to stay up this season and that's only if Oldham fail to get more than one win and a draw out of their last 5 games. The most points they can get is 48 putting them level with Shrewsbury in 18 - who at the moment have +14 goal difference on Pompey. If the Skates lose on Saturday and Oldham win on Saturday and then draw on Tuesday night they are down on goal difference. That's how it looks to me
  12. Guided Missile my arse - more a point and shoot rocket propelled grenade! The damage was done by those people who said they'd back Wilde with money - but when it came to it they wouldn't put their hands in their pockets! And Lowe who spent the money that would have kept us up on large executive salaries, bonuses and dividends - not too mention builders and plumbers fees for doing up the training ground! And SISA because they were upset someone else tried to do something! But going into administration was the best thing that ever happened to Saints - because it was the only way we w
  13. I thought they were such a big club hey we're going to walk League One - or so a Pompey fan told me!
  14. Your probably right - but lets enjoy the possibilities for now!
  15. La la la la .....who laughing now!
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