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  1. I don't think changing the manager will make any difference at this stage unfortunately - the squad just isn't good enough. We lack a goals. We don't have any real cover for Romeu in midfield. Our No 10s (Tella, Moi, Redmond , Djneppo and Walcott) just aren't good enough. Stuart Armstrong seems like injuries and Covid have taken a toll on him. None of our keepers are really first choice keepers anymore. And them their is the lack of leadership on the pitch - and the inability to hold on to a lead. Yes Ralph doesn't seem to be able to get the best out of them on a weekly
  2. so that means Newcastle will now be just another financially doped club owned by a questionable regime / person to go with Citeh, Chelski and Everton (and PSG in France) and then you have the US owners at Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd who want a closed shop premier league or European Super League (Burnley?) and lets not forget the owners from Asia - Saints, Wolves, Leicester etc Although I don't really understand why you would buy Newcastle and not Inter Milan for example if you were the Saudis - you would dominate the Italian league like PSG do in France and Bayern in Germany
  3. None of Redmond, Walcott, Elyounoussi, Djenepo and Long are good enough the answer is to play Armstrong and Tino as the number 10s / attacking midfielders and give Tella some game time. At least he will get better.
  4. the money hasn't been taken out of the club its been used to pay-off the managers we sacked (Puel, Hughes, Pelligrino) and their coaches, and to pay-off the players we got rid of early and couldn't sell like Boufal, Hoedt, Lemina and Carillo to pay the transfer fees, signing-on fees and agents fees for the players we have signed - Theo, Armstrong, Tino, Small, Lyanco, Broja, Simeu, Perraud and probably to help pay the salaries of the players we are overpaying due to the loss of income from Covid - Forster, Theo and the rest the problem is more that our owner isn't putt
  5. I think its probably about 6/10 We are still short a defensive midfielder to cover for Romeu (and eventually replace him). Diallo and Armstrong provide cover for JWP in the box-to-box role but I don't see that we have anyone that can cover for Romeu in the CDM role. We struggled when he was out last season as our midfield is too lightweight without him. Hopefully Diallo will prove me wrong and provide that cover this season - and be more physical. At attacking midfield we still look a little lightweight. I was hoping we'd move on at least 2 out of Djneppo, Redmond and Elyounoussi
  6. Matt Grimes from Swansea - age 26, a CM/CDM, left footed, can also play AM. And as he there captain he would probably give some on field leadership as well. 1 year left on his contract. We could probably get him for £4M
  7. Rebel

    Michail Antonio

    I thought it was partly because we had Oxlade-Chamberlain ready to come in to the first team - and they played in the same position - and we didn't want to block the Ox's pathway.
  8. if Burnley want wide players sell them Elyounoussi and Redmond - simples!
  9. I think Semmens and Crocker are spending everything they can on the team. So far we have bought in Perraud £11M, Adarma £15M, Tino £5M, Simeu £1.5M and Broja with a loan fee - plus there will be signing on fees for the players bought in, payouts to to the players who have left and agents fees - so that’s all the money made from selling Ings and more spent. We probably have a bit of money left from selling Gunn £5M and Lemina £5M but how much of that was eaten up by payoffs and agents fee and signing on fees? So we probably only have a little bit more than the £15M left from sell
  10. With a week to go in the transfer window we are still short of cover for Romeu in the CDM role (Diallo is more of a normal CM and cover for JWP), a left footed AM to play on the right, a 2nd left back and 2 centrebacks (we need 5 really so we can play 3 at the back if needed and survive injuries/ suspensions through the season). I can’t see us signing all of those - permanently or on loan - in a week. I’m not too convinced by the sound of Lyanco but maybe he will be OK as a 4th choice and I guess we are counting Simeu as the 5th CB. If we can get Christie and a 2nd left back in a
  11. I am fully expecting us to get beaten by 5 or 6 goals today. We’ll start OK but as soon as Man Utd score the first goal our heads will go down and the players will give up. A lot will depend on the team Ralph picks and the way we play. If we play the 4-2-2 -2 high press with Djneppo, Redmond or Walcott on the pitch we are in trouble. We need to start with Salisu and Bednarek at centreback (I am hoping Bednarek only missed last week as his wife had just had a baby) and Perraud and KWP at full back and S Armstrong and Tino as the AMs if we are going to go for 4-2-2-2 Personally I
  12. Someone on Twitter has suggested we have agreed a fee for Maximillian Wober - a centre back from from RedBull Salzburg - 23 and 6ft2. Seems to have moved around a lot though - but Ajax and Sevilla have good recruitment records. But begs the question why did they sell him om so quickly. As always Liverpool were linked with back in January - https://www.rousingthekop.com/2021/01/05/potential-liverpool-target-maximilian-wober-has-possible-red-flag/ Probably not truth in it but there you go.
  13. I am guessing we are looking at Caleta-Car - at 23 he fits the profile of the young players with sell on potential we want to sign. Closer to home Tosin Adarabiyo at Fulham would also fit the profile at 23 - and at 6ft 5 in would replace some of the height we are missing. Supposedly he was available for a £10M buyout clause earlier in the window - but that has passed now. Another would be Ethan Ampadu would fit the remit of someone who can play DM or CB - but at only 6ft lacks the height needed. Still think we need 2 CBs - a younger one with potential and a more experienced
  14. Its certainly time to start planning for Ralph's successor. At the very least he needs some support from better coaches. It worries me that the whole club - from top to bottom has gone 4-2-2-2 and high press. I am sure we used to talk about the academy teams playing 4-3-3 total football as it game the best routes for development of well rounded footballers. Ralph seems to have too much power and influence at the club to me. I certainly wouldn't be happy with Eddie Howe - Bournemouth bought their way to the Premier League - spent more than us in recent seasons and still got
  15. The high press 4-2-2-2 seems to works when we play a team set up in a 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 who play out from the back. If a team goes long and direct against us - like Burnley will - we seem to have no answer. We also seem unable to play long and direct ourselves when we are under pressure and get caught playing out from the back. We need a striker who is tall and good in the air who can drop deep and wide to receive the long balls and then make the play from there (just like Rickie Lambert used to to do) Against the 4-3-3 we seem to run out of steam in the second half and the 2 in th
  16. we'll play 4-2-2-2 and the high press again - hopefully the squad are more suited to it this season. At least with KWP and Perraud we'll have 2 attacking full backs. And Vestergaard's lack of pace wont be exposed at the back. But I will be very P*ssed of if we don't have a plan B against the big teams for when 4-2-2-2 doesn't work and a plan C against the teams like Burnely that sit back and long ball it so there is nothing to press. Broja will give us some height up front if we have to go long and direct.
  17. sign Josh Doig at left back for £4-5M, Matt Grimes for Central Midfield at £4-5M and get Ethan Ampadu in for CD/CDM on loan with an option to buy. its easy this transfer stuff isn't it On a more serious note I was hoping we would sell or send out on loan at least 2 of Redmond, Djneppo and Elyounoussi so we could bring in someone better for the No.10 role and play Tella on the left. But that would mean we need another striker/forward as well. I was also expecting us to sign a left footed No. 10 to play on the right.
  18. I never understand why we don't buy before we sell - as soon as we sell a player like Ings or Vestergaard and need to replace them the price of the replacement goes up. It doesn't really help that we have no real strength in depth and thus a player who is ready to step up and replace them. Ideally you do that and then buy a younger cheaper player with potential to fill out the squad. I guess with Salisu we already have Vestergaard's replacement as the left centre back but I sometimes wonder why we didn't sign Kristoffer Ajer for example to replace Vestergaard in the squad before we are
  19. Where are the ITKs? Is the problem that club don't have any idea what they are going to do either!?! 😂 I'd be disappointed if we sign Sorloth after his complete failure at Palace. Surely Matthew Hoppe from Schalke for £5-10M and Nketiah from Arsenal for £10-15M are more worthy of a gamble.
  20. How about Alassane Plea as a replacement for Ings? Monchengladbach will supposedly sell him for £15M. We were linked to him just before Claude Puel left - pretty sure Leandre Griffit thought it was a done deal by his tweets at the time - but they paid £25M for him which was more than we would pay I expect. He's 28 so a bit too old for our supposed recruitment strategy - but I think we need a bit of experience up front as well as some youthful potential.
  21. Arsenal want £35-40M for Abrahams and he supposedly want £130,000 a week. If it was subsidised loan maybe - but Chelsea want to sell him. Its not going to happen - hew will probably end up at Arsenal. I think it will be Armstrong and then someone like Hoppe or Nketiah to replace Long/Obafemi. I can see up getting Ethan Amapdu to cover centre back and defensive midfield - as others have said he fits the bill as a player from one of the big six on loan or with a buy-back option - and there is no real pathway for him at Chelsea. I fully expect Vestergaard to go before the transf
  22. Supposedly Villa are paying Ings £120,000 a week - so he's partly gone for the money. I think he realised none of the big 4 clubs were going to sign him and Spurs weren't going to pay the fee Saints wanted or meet his wage demands. So when Villa came up with the money on both counts he jumped at it. I think he's also gone to club which he thinks are showing some ambition to push for the top 6 and Europe - and may have a chance at winning something. Rather than stay at Saints for another relegation battle - which is all too likely with or without Ings. He probably also though
  23. Matt Grimes and Joey Veerman
  24. I fully expect Vestergaard and Ings to go this summer - probably at the very end of the transfer window. Counting Bednarek, Stephens and Salisu we have 4 centre backs but if we are going to play 3 at the back we probably need 5 - so we probably need to bring in another centreback before we even replace Vestergaard. Some would argue you need 5 anyway to give you enough cover. Whether Ings goes or not we need another striker - and if he goes we will need to replace him as well and for probably pretty much the same fee as we sold him for. We also need cover for Romeu in the 6 r
  25. Is it just me or can anyone else see Saints selling Ward-Prowse for £30M plus and replacing him with Grimes at £8M or thereabouts. I certainly think they are thinking about it or doing something similar. Maybe someone other than Grimes. I can see Ings going as well - but I don't know how we would replace his goals. Would Adam Armstrong be good enough if we can get him? I think Adams will get better and score more but we will need another goal scorer. And I can't help thinking we should have kept Targett (Villa's player's player of the season), Reed (Leeds interested by all accounts
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