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  1. Adams starting for Scotland.
  2. With this year's final happening tomorrow, it would almost be funnier if they won and only had the trophy for 24 hours!
  3. Actually thought he was probably our best player today. Made a lot of good tackles to break up their attacks and started to keep hold of the ball/win free kicks in the second half.
  4. Na. Does need to take a lot of blame today though.
  5. To be fair, neither did KWP’s loan and we ended up signing him anyway.
  6. Yeahhhh, he doesn't like it here, does he?
  7. Preferably quite soon as I believe KWP would miss the Leeds game if he got booked at Leicester. Think it resets after that.
  8. Thought Armstrong had a great game against Liverpool. Also, pretty certain we’re not going to change formation any time soon. I’d bring Romeu back in. Diallo was brilliant against Liverpool but Romeu has been brilliant all season.
  9. He did but it was only necessary as he completely fucked up a routine save immediately before it. Anyway, hope he does well tomorrow!
  10. Assume there’s a press conference today at some point?
  11. Really don’t know why we are playing aimless long balls. Let’s get it down and play through them like we know we are capable of.
  12. He was. I found it odd that he was mostly playing on the left of the two “number 10’s”. For me I would probably stick with one of Redmond or Djenepo on left and one of Walcott or Armstrong on the right.
  13. Harsh pen but will take that win all day long! Vestergaard and Romeu our best players tonight IMO.
  14. This is why we’re better with no fans there 😅
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