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  1. Not very good ......and thats being polite .
  2. Bit lethargic early on but the football was a lot more direct today ...lot more forward momentum and players always looking for forward pass instead of backwards or sideways
  3. Burnley look a lot fitter and stronger than us!
  4. In a one off game we can beat anybody 🤩🤩
  5. That was nearly a full strength side so no excuses .......We are not improving we are getting worse . It is down to Raplh and the way we play and he has to take the blame .
  6. Ralph plays the same way all the time ...on current we are going down ....Brighton dont have players better than ours but played better and were far superior
  7. Poor Bertrand Salisu and Stephens......... absolute wank playing them in those positions
  8. That last goal justs shows how fokin feeble we are !
  9. Turgid game .......but if we win who cares
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