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  1. Love players like Boufal and Djenepo.. real game changers! .......May not always start but are great back ups for Redmond and Armstrong .
  2. Happy to keep Boufal thanks.
  3. Only Reed probably given a chance ....cant see anyone else if im honest.
  4. Ryan Bertrand was a absolute bargain at 10 million quid! .....Been a fantastic left back for us buts gets slated on here because he is a quiet and humble person and not a fist pumping ego jumping maniac !
  5. A new 5 year contract ....That is what he is worth !
  6. 4 0.... CHE and DANNY a couple of goals each
  7. I think the Bournemouth hoofball tactics have taken us a bit of surprise ......One shot one goal is all that you need with INGS
  8. I hope we send them down !..... If it was the other way round Eddie Howe would love to send us down with that smirky grin on his face .
  9. I think we will have to pay Spurs money to take PEH off our hands for KWP!
  10. Who is on the bench with a bit of flair and creativity ? Someone help me please 🤔🤣
  11. Without Boufal we no have creativity
  12. Bertrand is getting back to his best ....fantastic player he has been for us.
  13. Superb team effort again ........Romeu and Bertrand were superb
  14. Kwp getting no protection ..playing ok but we are lacking a bit of pace and trickery ...shame no Boufal orDjnepo .
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