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  1. Bertrand is getting back to his best ....fantastic player he has been for us.
  2. Superb team effort again ........Romeu and Bertrand were superb
  3. Kwp getting no protection ..playing ok but we are lacking a bit of pace and trickery ...shame no Boufal orDjnepo .
  4. Would still love to see West Ham go down ........
  5. Why change a team that has now got a winning mindset ..great team spirit and belief that has not been present snce Koeman left.
  6. Played well again ......sort of game that Boufal and Moussa could have come off the bench in the last 30 mins if they were fit
  7. Looks like a thunder birds kit
  8. Take Romeu out of midfield for Smallbone woud make us less aggresive .
  9. And most negative fookers on here thought we were going to get dicked ! Take a bow Che Adams !
  10. Adams and Ings ...brilliant! Adams will score a couple tonight
  11. Hopefully Adams will be paired with Ings up front ...Romeu and JWP to continue as the two central mid positions .......KWP will be key in this game ithink.
  12. Adams .....all day long !....He has proven he can score goals ( championship ) Should be paired with Ings because if those two click we could be onto a winner ! Obefemi is young and a bit raw but hopefully will come good
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