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  1. Why does Harry turning up now on this saga remind me of a couple of fishing rods, cans of beer and a bucket of fried chicken?
  2. What would happen if Chainrai didn't now pass the FL FPPT? Would he still be able to invest or bail out the club with funds without a current owner, could he help by funding the Admin until a true buyer is found? Whole thing is so messy now, I wasn't sure how things could move forward.
  3. Is there maybe a few positive rumours around at the moment to keep the blue few buoyant and hopeful to the end of the season... Thereafter Birch announces, sorry, we did everything we could but there was nothing more we could do to save PFC from liquidation.
  4. But are PFC in any position to make the payment now even if they could have found a way before going back into Admin? With the Administrators now in control of the finances at PFC does that not mean that any payments toward that CVA that were due to be paid may now be restructured again and the creditors also have to wait again to be paid? It isn't as if April is far away, just a matter of a few weeks, do you honestly think that a new administration is going to be able to make enough cut backs and drum up the funds to service the existing CVA and continue to maintain PFC's current weekly
  5. Here's hoping the new Administrator goes in there to do a proper job and doesn't get sucked into fawning over the hard done by plucky Pompey crap and bestest fans™ in the world rubbish that every other person that's stepped foot in that place gets sucked into. It would make a refreshing change for someone to get in there and be honest about them and their situation for once, no matter how much it hurts with the truth of the shambles of what they are, what they've become and how they got themselves there.
  6. Seemed quite a strange and/or desperate measure to retain some control or conceal any evidence there maybe within Chainrai/AA's plans. With UHY in the PFC offices when it was announced that PFK were appointed as Administrators instead it probably gave them a headstart to remove anything that could possibly be seen as unethical as far as the pair of them have controlled a lot of PFC's affairs so far to date.
  7. Wouldn't you be better off being smug after the new administrators have gone through all your books to find there is something worth saving and you have new and honest buyer in place? Administration doesn't mean you're safe from liquidation if there isn't enough to save the club... Just a thought. Will we see you back here then and being so smug? You've a long way to go yet until you're in that position, there could be worse to come yet.
  8. Bloody hell... its sure taken you a lot of time to think up all of your responses! If you've been masquerading on the Main Board as someone else, why is it you've been signing in on your Corp Ho username as seen by several on here regularly, surely you wouldn't have needed to if you had another Account?
  9. Take a look Avram Grant, take a real good look at that Creditors Report, take a look at how many businesses are affected by the gross mis-management at Pompey and try saying again how unfairly 'plucky pompey' have been treated... f*cking muppet.
  10. I think HMRC are re-scheduled for tomorrow for dotting i's and crossing t's, but don't see why there has been a delay in the PL deducting the points after the HMRC deemed the Adminstration legal last week once the paperwork was submitted. :confused: Then and again maybe the PL are still trying to be blissfully ignorant of what is going on at Pompey... no change there then.
  11. So it seems Pompey hit the headlines again for all the wrong reasons... proving without doubt that Peter Storrie really does believe that "There's no such thing as Bad Press"
  12. During the last few months I read somewhere that due to levels of debt and financial mismanagement that they could possibly even be refused entry to the FL if relegated. I can't be sure where I read it, whether it was on this thread sometime back, a newspaper report or somewhere on other football forums. I'll keep looking to see if I can find it but in the meantime does anyone else know if this could be the case now relegation looks a real certainty with them going into Admin?
  13. Should Pompey find a buyer and the story of two interested parties be true, what is it that Pompey have that say a club like Newcastle don't? With Newcastle being originally available for 100m in the Premier League with their stadium, team, facilities before being offered for 80m once in the Championship, wouldn't they still be a better proposition now at 80m on the rise back to the Premier League rather than taking on Pompey for a £1 with an outdated stadium, no facilities, and almost 70m of debt in freefall from the Premier League. If any wealthy potential buyers were looking for a clu
  14. At least we got a compliment from one of the blue few even be it at a grass roots level... this is more than I would ever have expected from a from a Pompey fan. Can't wait to see the outcome in several years time when a few of these players from our better organised schools, clubs, and local leagues are knocking on our First Team door having been trained at our first class facilities.
  15. During the time since HMRC issued the WUP, have Pompey been in the position where they could have been able to make small goodwill payments to at least provide evidence that they were willing to try and reduce the tax that was owed so that the hearing could be looked upon more favourable on the 10th? Or have they blantently ignored the WUP, swept it under the carpet and just continued to spend on luxury they could ill afford, without any serious attempt of reducing the wage bill either? Could they have fielded younger up and coming players to get by whilst attempting to reduce debt and ship
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