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  1. Fair points well made. I do understand a lot of the pessimism but you do wonder how some on here get out of bed in the mornings! If we're still struggling for points seven or eight games in I'll panic/resign myself to this being our year (we can't say it's not been coming with the drift post Koeman/Poch/Nige). Ralph being able to get one or two new faces in would hopefully lift the mood for all concerned. We all now we're short, particularly in CM.
  2. Agree Ralph's got this wrong but blame all around. Our bench is such a sad reflection of where we currently are. This is largely the same squad that have been struggling for 3+ seasons.
  3. He dithered and got stuck in two minds. If we are going to persist with such a high line any keeper we use will need to be playing as a 'sweeper keeper'.
  4. 1. Fair point but I expect most of us said/felt the same about Ings. I can admit I thought the Ings deal was a poor one when it first happened. 2. You are right it would be quite unlikely but not impossible. The Chelsea midfield is stacked so crazier things have happened. If he only stays for a year but does well while we develop the likes of Jankewitz into a first team player without relying on him prematurely then it's a win-win. 3. I would suggest he's quite versatile and if Ralph feels he has attributes that could work in his system it could work. Ralph shifted Armstrong's position/role and he's come on leaps and bounds. 4. Yhep, you're right his injury record is a real minus. If he didn't have it we wouldn't even be able to consider signing him. A 24 year old England international at a top four club on £120,000 a week. No chance. I can see why others would not agree but I would be excited if this came to fruition!
  5. Tell that to Mike Ashley. English and still a c*nt. The Glazers at Utd, American but not exactly beloved. Is it possible to dislike people who buy football clubs with borrowed finance and invest/contribute nothing of any significant value? Financial or otherwise? If the owner isn't going to contribute meaningfully you would at least hope it would be somebody who shares the fans affinity with the club. How many times has our owner even made the trip to watch a game? How much effort has he made to engage with the fanbase? Frankly I don't care about their nationality/ethnicity/gender/sexuality or even their favourite flavour of m&ms (the answer is crispy by the way). Could we have a worse only? Probably, just look at SISU for the alternative reality saints. Could we quite easily have it better? Absolutely! Playing the 'racism' card is poor here. The forum probably has it's share of narrow minded helmets much as anywhere but I think you're wide of the mark here.
  6. I tried posting last night and hit a few error messages, refreshed this morning and alas ...
  7. Looks a really interesting take on it though FF is something of a crowded market. Best of luck to him!
  8. Looks a really interesting take on it though FF is something of a crowded market. Best of luck to him!
  9. UpweySaint

    Guido Carrillo

    True, any respectable side would have alternatives and move on if the deal was so unfavourable.
  10. UpweySaint

    Guido Carrillo

    Very true but also begs the question of why we didn't sign Carrillo on loan with an option. I can't think of many examples of us doing this (Danso, Ings and Alderweireld spring to mind) but it's becoming more common in the past few seasons.
  11. Possible but I'd see them more likely to move for Rico Henry at Brentford. After a few injury hit seasons he's really cracked on and looked promising, 100% will be a prem player sooner or later ..
  12. Bit harsh. He's gone on loans spells at home and abroad in recent seasons to try and reignite his career. Hugo Lloris is prone to the odd poor spell and Hart might fancy he can push for starts should that happen and/or in cup competition. Depending on confidence/form I would certainly say he's technically a better keeper that Gazzaniga with more pedigree at a high level. He's not exactly in Lee Grant or Stuart Taylor territory.
  13. Membership needed but Carl previously came on here gave out a few free trials, existing members also can dish out a few free trials too. Carl shared the updates in the article comments section, the full article gives a bit of background on Salisu's development and explains how he might fit into Ralph's system, good read - 'My understanding is the quarantine has delayed the announcement as there is no one to take official photographs yet.' Carl also puts a few Liverpool fans in their place who make the usual tired jokes about him playing for them in two years time.
  14. Similar sentiment, also depends on wages. Lot of press that he was after big bucks.
  15. Omar Elabdellaoui, previously linked in transfer windows gone by, is out of contract at Olympiakos and moving on. I wouldn't want him over KWP but a free transfer to add some depth/competition and allow Valery to go out on loan? Ralph's full backs get through a lot of work so good depth would be worth having even though it's certainly not a priority. He's an experienced player having played in the premier league, captained Olympiakos and has plenty of caps for Noway. At 28 he could well be worth a three year contract if the wage was right. He can play in more than one position too so adds a bit of versatility.
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