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  1. Okay I should have qualified this with 'assuming Celtic (or other) want him and can offer a deal that doesn't shaft us'. It was more of a 'what if' musing on my part.
  2. Let Forster go, bring in a potential no1 on a loan with an upfront fee and an option to buy at an agreed price? Certainly not the simplest deal but you do see a lot of them in Serie A. It would give us a bit of 'try before you buy' without needing significant outlay upfront.
  3. Daily Mail had him as valued as £8 million. I expect the actual price anybody pays will be somewhere from £10 to £18 million with add ons and all that. Much like us with Ings they won't want to be mugged off but with a year left on his deal they are unlikely to be able to risk him leaving for free. It's not a priority for us (if Ings stays) but if we weren't so hard up he'd be exactly the sort of signing I'd like to see us make.
  4. Okay fair but I'd feel he would add more threat than Long, Obefami, Nlundulu etc
  5. IIRC there was talk that his wage demands were pretty hefty. Surely worth exploring though, would provide genuine competition and goal threat. Lots to like if there is a deal to be done.
  6. He wouldn't excite me as a signing but he is an experienced pro possibly available at a reasonable price. We 100% could do better but might be able to do a decent job.
  7. No actual links but in the HCDAJFU spirit ... Ludwig Augustinsson 27 attacking left back at Werder Bremen, decent amount of caps for Sweden experienced in a good standard league well known to our manager. The reliable source that is wikipedia seems to suggest he's played CM in his youth teams days so again maybe a bit of versatility. Milot Rashica 24 Attacking midfielder more often than not a winger also at Werder and we've been linked several times in the past. Werder have been relegated and apparently need to clear the decks due to financial concerns. I expect
  8. Show me a post saying they are excellent? Neither having good games. Valid to question them but some of the hate for Redmond on repeat is OTT - you'd think he'd sh*gged some posters wives. Our defending today has been shocking, nobody on the pitch or on the coaching staff coming out with much credit.
  9. Behave. I didn't say our players never cheat so drop the sanctimonious nonsense. I would be embarrassed if one of our players did that too but let's not pretend Zaha is not a repeat offender. Bundles of talent and tricks but spends half his time winging or throwing himself to the ground. I fully reserve the right to consider him a bit of a knob while respecting his footballing skill.
  10. Half time they are talking about how well Zaha did to 'win' the penalty by manufacturing contact. F*ck me can't we just call it is, cheating? Gamesmanship? Being a total c*nt?
  11. I'm speculating but I can't imagine Blackburn's finances are in great shape. Should Ings go I would like to see us testing their resolve with an offer of £12-15 mil. Much like us with Danny I expect they can't afford to let him run down his contract and potentially leave for free.
  12. What is he? England international, one of the best set piece takers in arguably the world's best league, a fitness marvel playing 98 consecutive games (including filling out of position and having Zaha in his pocket), a consistent performer, a goal scoring midfielder, a captain before even hitting his possible prime and a product of the academy who has had to earn his place in the side while managers played musical chairs around him. Honestly, what else do you want from the lad? How else do you want to measure his ability? Of course he's not De Bruyne or Fernandes ... if he was the
  13. Well not really. His set pieces add value and make us a threat in games when we struggle to break down teams in open play (which happens often!)
  14. Agreed. Diallo has had a few poor games of late but has shown enough to make me think he develop into a really effective box to box type midfielder. Salisu looks very classy. KWP, let's just say Spurs must be wishing they still had him. If Ralph is backed with the right signings in the summer it will very much be put up or shut up.
  15. I do consider myself a bit of an idealist so fully expect many to disagree but my view is one of faith in what Saints under Ralph could be. We've seen glimpses, we know it's there and could be possible. At points under Ralph we've gone toe to toe with the best playing a distinct style and some of the best football I've seen from us since Poch. We were going into games each week actually believing we could pick up results. Ralph has plenty of flaws and his stubbornness can frustrate but I can envision a scenario where we are better than the sum of our parts and punch above our weigh
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