I was hoping to go to two Saints tickets in one weekend this weekend, but sadly I missed out on getting a Leicester ticket in time (any offers of a Leicester ticket would be welcomed!).

However, I am still going to the second game - Sunday's Academy match between Middlesbrough and Saints, which is being played in Bishop Auckland. It will be the first time I have ever been to see an academy match. Judging by Hassenhuttl's interview I may end up seeing Fraser Forster in goal and I am also wondering whether Ings and Bertrand may get run outs. Anyone any idea whether this may be likely?

Anyway, my main purpose in starting this thread is to ask some opinions from those who have been to away academy matches before...

* Will I need to buy a ticket in advance?
* Will there be segregation between home and away supporting fans? (NB I am going with a Middlesbrough-supporting friend)
* How partisan are supporters at these sort of games? In particular, will I be ok wearing a Saints scarf? (it is one of thsoe ones that has home colours on one side and away colours on the other side)

Any thoughts/comments/advice will be welcomed. Thanks in advance!