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Thread: Guardian article on Harvey Willard's career after being released by Southampton

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    Default Guardian article on Harvey Willard's career after being released by Southampton

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    Good article. Cheers for posting.

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    His name is HARLEY (not Harvey)

    Good work by the lad to try to build a pro career. The Academy system in this country really doesn't work and is not fit for purpose. Too many young players are lost to the game because they don't make it into the top level (the PL), which is very difficult to break into (partly but not entirely due to the large number of foreign players). Most of these players could forge a good career in the Championship or L1/L2 if they were handled properly and given good advice. Many now seeing that going abroad is a good option and playing in decent leagues in Europe (they will find it harder when free movement ends when we eventually leave the EU). The article is a bit odd (as so many are these days), it was published this month yet doesn't cover the fact that Harley (not Harvey) is now playing in the Iceland top division for Vikingur Olafsvik, who are mid table and he is scoring regularly (for a winger). He joined them in February, seems odd not to mention this, guess it must have been written a while back before being published.

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    Went for the sleeve tattoo too early in his career.

    In seriousness though, good article and a good read. Hopefully he can bounce back to a good level back in the UK.

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    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.


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