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QPR game in the States

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If its being televised in UK it will likely be on Setanta - there website offers a link to venues (bars) that show the games. http://setantaus.com/en/NA/Our-Schedules/?venues=venuefinder


Sorry NY but i cant seem to get any venues up for anything. I am obviously missing something obvious. DOH. Obviously have my very slow head on, sorry.



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Im quite certain the Cricketers your talking is right next to the Festival Bay shopping outlets as I watched England v Czech Republic there. If you stop by while your in Orlando they did have a list of games they would be showing. They had saints games listed more than once I just can't remember if QPR was one of them theres a good chance it will be shown. Like I said yesterday, they had both Setanta and Sky.

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Managed to get the list off Setanta in the end but non of the bars are actively promoting the game, have e-mailed The Cricketers but as yet have not got a reply.

May have to look into watching it on the web via Sky.




They may start advertising the game a week out, not even Nevada Smiths has it on their site yet and that bar shows everything (pretty much).


Not sure the Sky website route will work either due to bradcast license laws. There are a few other internet channels that show pirated streams of the game generally from Japan etc. Otherwise you can feel the true spirit of what its like to be an overseas fan - listening to the commentary and taking part in the forums during matchday lol.


Hope it works out and you get to see it.

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Thanks for all your help guys. I will drive by Cricketers a couple of days before hand I think.

Oh and yes it is the one by Festival Bay. I watched the second play off game at the Cricketers old site which was a sh1t hole with bloody great rats running round the place so hopefully the new location will be a bit cleaner ;o)

Thanks again everyone, I fly out on Saturday so "see" you all in a couple of weeks.


All the best,



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Hi All


Does anyone know of a computer link to see the game? My mate is on Vancouver Island & would like to watch it if possible.


I notice that there is live streaming of the game on Justin TV at :




on Sopcast at :




and on TVU at :




All links to be found at :





Kind Regards




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