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  1. If you have a sub to US version, you have sub to UK as well. I have subscribed in US since soon after it started. Great in depth articles through which I have learned a lot about American sports. If it's half as good with the football articles, it is well worth the money...no annoying ads.
  2. Just saw that on ESPN site re: tomorrow. Champions League will have 4 games live on TNT/TBS/Tru which likely will be the English, plus Barcelona, Real Madrid etc just like Fox was. But it is concerning the number of streaming packages you need now to get what used to be more readily available. I did sign up a few months ago for ESPN+ - think it was because they had England cricket at the start of the summer and that has now moved to Willow. There won't be many willing to pay for all of the services.
  3. Americans never get mad at players for leaving their team...when they indicated they were staying https://thunderousintentions.com/2016/07/04/kevin-durant-leaves-okc-fans-mad-disappointed/
  4. This trip is off to a great start! 4 hours delayed out of Atlanta. See if trains let me reach Leicester in time for pregame pint. I need it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I will try to make it to the Counting House as well
  6. As I posted on the Chelsea ticket thread, not only am i crazy enough to come over for that game but going to be at Leicester as well. Any Northern Saints or Benjii or others from Tel Aviv going to be at the game?
  7. Interesting conversations about best fans and real fans etc. I must be the craziest. Not only am I coming over for the semi-final but going to Leicester on Thursday night. Only been to one FA Cup semi-final - 86, i think so didn't want to miss the chance for another. Hard to believe the train wreck we have become but that's the life of a Saints fan
  8. Wait, reading again away league games don't count for members. That puts me from two games to one. Man Utd away doesn't count.
  9. I read it that she can buy on April 9th - membership plus one game
  10. Watch the replays. I think we were very lucky. But I'm happy with that!
  11. Lol. Sorry, didn't miss the flight[emoji846]
  12. At the airport, waiting on my flight over. Been to four games this season and haven't seen a Saints win yet. Time for my luck to change...
  13. Absolutely. Let me know where you guys will be drinking
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