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  1. http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/14979551.UPDATE__Woman_arrested_after_100_Portsmouth_FC_shirts_stolen_from_official_club_shop/?ref=mr&lp=11
  2. They've found a fiver down the back of the sofa?
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but has anyone else seen their new kit? It looks as if Long John Silver's parrot has taken a dump on both the shoulders! lmao
  4. Couldn't resist after the recent sponsorship change of the FL. Anyone under 35 may want to ask a parent!
  5. Don't they always kick-off in front of an empty stadium? Anyway looks like they are going down the pitch invasion route. Should be an interesting watch on Wednesday!
  6. I have just received exclusive footage of the new tune they will be running out to before the next home game!
  7. First time I've been able to post since watching their match yesterday! Firstly how cringeworthy was it to see their fans having their photo's taken with their new owner? It was so laughable seeing them clamber for autographs I nearly choked on my pint! I mean ffs if I saw Markus Leibherr I would shake him by the hand thank him for buying the club and that would be it, I wouldn't want his autograph nor would I want my photo taken with him! He's an owner ffs not a star striker. Then he sat in the stands in the second half, lol, what a tw*t! Loved it when the commentator said they'd managed to f
  8. Oh I see Crouch and Glenn Johnson scored again yesterday, remind me who they play for now? Has Riquelme signed for you yet? :smt116
  9. Has the City game sold out yet or are you still struggling to fill that little ****hole you laughably call a stadium! By the way I've heard your not bothering with the minibus but have rented a Robin Reliant, surprisingly two seats still available! :smt116
  10. Carlisle away in the cup on a Tuesday night! I've heard their travel club has hired a mini bus!
  11. ...are into the first round of the FA Cup, I think the draw is today, would be very interesting to see what happens if they get drawn against MK Dons, especially at home!
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