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  1. Not while Mahrez at 24 years old has 15 goals in all competitions and six assists in the league - and signed for just €500,000.
  2. Crazy Diamond

    Luggys Book

    Why on earth did you feel the need to use bold formatting there?
  3. Crazy Diamond

    Luggys Book

    I apologise to Mr. Sturrock for getting his type of sandwich wrong.
  4. Crazy Diamond

    Luggys Book

    "Sturrock's uncompromising managerial style didn't fit with Southampton's players or owners." Uncompromising. Does that include when he fell asleep during training in a portacabin, or when he turned up with the contents of a bacon sandwich all over his top?
  5. I'm afraid I have to disagree, no one associated with that club even knows what morals are.
  6. Nice move by Newcastle, good spell of possession, took the chance against slow-as-f*ck Distin and a goal.
  7. I think if you're using a forum to ask if a song is any good for football fans to sing, the answer is probably no.
  8. Yes if the journalist nailed the punctuation, and I would argue syntax as well, they'd be well on their way to a C in GCSE English.
  9. Gordon is famous. They wanted him to carry the Olympic torch when it came to the town.
  10. Indeed - I'll always remember the Football League Show interviewed a bloke before the Bompey-Saints fixture at Dean Court in our League One promotion campaign. He said he was there the last time they had beaten us in the league - back in the 50s. I'm told that he was wrong anyway. Oh well, while I'm here... The start of the video sums it up. Gordon the Tramp, the kid with the afro, the grown man with his face painted (in the wrong colours), chanting 'dodgy keeper' at winger Lee Holmes, Sheila the superfan/demented old woman, Steve Fletcher (a man who they still want out there after the performances of Josh King recently), the bloke who had his face painted by his wife... Oh and by the way, ex-Skate and then-Bompey manager Lee Bradbury is a big Saints fan.
  11. Yep. Went to Boston 11 years ago this month. Very nice. A bit cold. Lexington and Concord look amazing.
  12. Interesting that Bournemouth accepted less than they were entitled to from the Lallana deal. How did we sort that one out?
  13. I lived in Bournemouth for three years, worked for the club for six months, worked in a pub in the centre of Bournemouth, so I feel qualified to say that they are an odd bunch of people down there. One in particular sticks in the memory. He was a freelance journalist that covered the club for some newspaper that's probably dead by now, and a big Weymouth fan. He said he always enjoyed Dorchester v Weymouth as he could give Dorchester fans 'a good kicking' and he enjoyed 'kneeing the b*stards in the face'. Dorchester v Weymouth, that ultimate nawty fixture. I also heard someone say they witnessed Steve Claridge being punched to the ground when he played for Weymouth.
  14. My memories of Anders Svensson are of a man with greasy hair, often found in Costa coffee at West Quay, who had the front to hold a press conference announcing he was rejoining his old club whilst still contracted to us and criticising our style of play. Not an awful lot of class there.
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