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  1. Thought the weekend off might be a good chance to update all our global supporter groups. There's now an interactive mapped version available to everyone. Perfect for those living abroad or travelling who want to get in touch with other Saints fans in their area. For those interested, we finally had a decent kick-off time in Melbourne (9.30pm) and the celebration to match when Vestergaard scored The list of supporter groups and relevant links are also updated on the Overseas Saints board. Now to watch Steve Smith cruise to 100..
  2. Groups and venues now updated for the 2019/20 season. Get in touch if you know of others
  3. Yeah this is simple and catchy. Gets my vote. 'Ingggs can only get better. Can only get better Now Danny's come home Now Danny's come home'
  4. Time to get Big Vic's song back? He's Norwegian, he's our Norwegian Like Claus and Østenstad It's Elyounoussi Mo Elyounoussi And he flies down the wing AhhhElyounoussi Elyounoussi Elyounoussi Elyounoussi
  5. Thought this post, from an American perspective, was worth sharing. Particularly the comments about the fans he met on the day and interactions with the players post-game. ***LONG POST WARNING*** We got in touch with a young American Saints fan, Alec Weise, after his first ever Southampton game to find out more about the day and how he came to support Southampton. The reply we received from Alec (below) is simply brilliant �� If you’re a long suffering overseas Saints fan you’ll love this Alec was only in S’ton for 48 hours but has said the memories from his trip will last a lifetime ✈️ Enjoy: �� I started supporting Southampton 8 years ago (2009-2010 season). I have always been one to root for the underdog and a lot of that has to do with where I am from, Milwaukee, WI. Our sports teams don’t have the money to spend like teams from New York, Chicago, or LA so we are often not very good. Every once and awhile we will get a special player or two and have a serious shot at titles but it isn’t common. �� Anyway, growing up I never followed soccer because it just wasn’t popular amongst Americans. I played FIFA for the first time and instantly fell in love with the game. Then I started watching games on TV as I now knew the players and then I realized how amazing a sport it is. All I needed was a team to root for each week. I went down to League One, because I have always rooted for the small teams, and did some research on each club. �� I got about halfway through when I found Southampton. I watched a video of Le Tiss and was just amazed by how good he was and at that moment I had my team. Each year since then my fandom has grown, especially since we have made the Premier League because it finally gave me a chance to watch the matches. If we were to go down this year it wouldn’t matter one bit to me as I will forever by a die-hard Saints fan and no one can change my mind. ✈️ I decided to go to the Bournemouth match because of our relegation threat. I am studying in England in the fall for school so I will catch numerous matches next year, but I wanted to make sure I saw my team play in the Prem while still possible. �� The trip itself was better than anything I could’ve ever imagined. Going in I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations and that I would leave less of a supporter than I came to England as. However, I left two times the supporter I was before, which is pretty incredible considering I haven’t missed a match live on TV or radio in nearly 4 years. �� The first thing I noticed the day before the match was how nice the city itself was. The city center was beautiful and I was blown away by West Quay. I made the walk to St. Mary’s to go to the team store and I was in absolute shock when I saw it. Having seen it so many times in pictures and on TV I couldn’t believe I was actually there. I proceeded to buy way too much Southampton apparel (kits were 70% off so I got 6…oops) and spent the rest of my day walking around the city. �� On match day, I went to The Standing Order a few hours before kick-off where I met some amazing people. I casually went up to a table of Southampton supporters to ask them questions about the match day experience. They were AMAZING and helped me out a lot and asked me a lot of questions about my hometown and why I became a Southampton supporter. �� After an hour or so sitting at their table one of the gentlemen I was with (@Madmarky01 on twitter, follow him!) and I left for the stadium around two hours before kick-off. He showed me around and told me where the buses came in and where the players would sign after the game. He also introduced me to another die-hard Southampton supporter who would help me out a ton after the game. �� When I walked into the stadium and saw the pitch for the first time I cried… I’ll admit it. It was so surreal to actually be there. I walked around the inside for a little just making small chat with everyone that was there. The whole club and its supporters having an amazing family feeling about it, which is something that made me fall even more in love with the club. What was even more amazing was people were coming up to me and saying that they saw I was in town for the match on twitter and they were all so excited I was there and wished me a good time. ⚽️ When the teams came out to warm-up and came out of the tunnel right before kick-off I was still in awe of everything, but about 5 minutes into the match the nerves kicked in and all that mattered were the 3 points. Something I will never forget was singing “Oh when the Saints” for the first time. I am literally getting chills right now just thinking about it. Having the whole crowd sing in unison isn’t something I get back here at home. �� The match itself was amazing. At the time I wish it was a 4-0 easy win for my nerves but looking back I’m glad it was a nail-biting win. The intensity and pressure made my experience that much more amazing. I’ll never forget Redmond playing through Lemina who then slid the ball over to Tadic who slotted past Begovic. The pure jubilation from my first live goal was something I can still feel when I watch replays. ✏️ Afterwards I went and met up with the lady who I was introduced to before the match (Claire Cradock for those of you who know her…Amazing lady) and she brought me to where all of the players sign. I got my kit signed by almost the whole squad AND Sam McQueen took off his warm-up top, signed it, and gave it to me. ���� What amazed me most was how kind all of the players were. They all were amazed that I flew out for literally two days just to come watch the match and they even called me the good luck charm, which may be true considering it was our first home win in the league since November! Outside of McQueen I want to give special shout-outs to Oriol, Charlie, Prowsey, Bertrand, and Jack Stephens who were all great. All of the players were nice, but these are the ones that really stuck out in my mind. �� Overall I had the best day of my life, and I wouldn’t say it was close. Between meeting all of the amazing fans, the win, and getting to meet most of the players it was more than I could have ever imagined. Now I can’t wait to get back next fall and make even more memories. Most importantly, LETS GO GET 3 POINTS AT SWANSEA ON TUESDAY!!! Up the Saints! Photos of Alec's day can be found at Global Saints
  6. I'm friends with one of the people invited to this event. She was invited by the club because she's been running an unofficial fan page on Weibo for the last 5 years or so. The other invitees were drawn in a ballot from the WeChat group and other unofficial supporter groups. The main reason for the meeting was to make their supporter group official ahead of a likely visit by the club in pre-season. There are a few more photos of the day up at: https://www.instagram.com/GlobalSFC/ They were also told there would be a striker coming in during the window.. As someone said above, if it was only an asset-stripping venture for Gao then it's unlikely he would bother with this sort of stuff.
  7. This guy and his partner come from Norway for every home match!
  8. Seems like one of the kids, Victor Viana, from the 'Charles Miller Day' back in 2014 has really kicked on. He won a Southampton shirt at the event - by scoring past two hapless GK's and has been supporting the club ever since. A few years ago his family moved to the States and he's been climbing steadily through the ranks: . Over the summer he trained with Dinamo Zagreb's youth team but Victor and his family would prefer to try their luck with an English club (with Southampton their preference). Just wondering if anyone could forward this to the right people? Can't have Guly as our greatest Brazilian footballer forever..
  9. The guys (and girls) from SouthamptonFC Canada will be heading to the Right Wing Sports Bar - 2497 Yonge Street. I think the name is a food reference rather than a political one.. 'The choice is all yours at the Right Wing Sports Pub where you can indulge in 38 different sauces on your jumbo wings half-price on Mondays. Not up for wings? Design your own burger or salad with more than 20 options apiece. With 20 flat screens across the bar, there’s no fear of missing a second of the game, even when playing pool or ping pong in the party room downstairs. Wing fiends who think they’ve seen it all should try and take on The Exorcist, if they dare.'
  10. Latest update: BRASIL Rio de Janeiro: Lord Jim's Pub R. Paul Redfern, 44 - Ipanema. 2.30pm KO CANADA Calgary: Ship and Anchor - 534 17 Ave SW. 9.30am KO Montreal: Mckibbins Irish Pub, 1426 Rue Bishop 11.30am KO Toronto: Right Wing Sports Pub - 2497 Yonge St. 11.30am KO GERMANY Leipzig: Kiliwilly Traditional Irish Pub - Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 44. 5.30pm KO SOUTH AFRICA Cape Town: Cubana Green Point - 9 Somerset Rd, Green Point. 6.30pm KO USA Pittsburgh: Piper's Pub, 1828 E Carson Street. 11.30am KO San Francisco: Kezar Pub, 770 Stanyan St. 8.30am KO
  11. Definitely not the only one. Should be at least half a dozen Saints there. Here's the official event listing.
  12. Saw this on the Global Saints page: 'Cubana in Somerset St, Green Point, Cape Town showing the final.' Posted by Murray Barrett..
  13. Three more venues added: ARGENTINA Buenos Aires: The Gibraltar, Perú 895, Cdad 1.30pm KO AUSTRALIA Sydney: 24/7 Sports Bar, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont. 3.30am KO USA Baton Rogue: The Londoner, 4215 S Sherwood Forest Blvd 10.30am KO Any thoughts on best places in Southampton to watch the final?
  14. Lockout laws make Sydney a bit tougher. It's between the Casino and Cheers Bar.. If he's on FB the venue when confirmed will be posted at Facebook.com/AussieSaintsFC as well as the Cup Final venue map
  15. Three more venues.. AUSTRALIA Perth: Crown Sports Bar, Crown Perth, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood 00.30am KO CAMBODIA Siem Reap: Score Bar, Sok San Road. 11.30pm KO GREECE Athens: Athens Sports Bar, Veikou 3, Athina 117 42 6.30pm KO
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