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  1. And you're the mod here? Not going to be very impartial now is it....essentially calling BLM an offensive organisation. Might as well call the thread "we think BLM are a bunch of black marxists" christ.
  2. This whole point you've been going down for pages....trying to find and vilify Black Lives Matter for "Marxist links"....that vilifies people that do it, calling them sheep essentially....do you not understand that? Anti-war beliefs tend to be a bit left wing, shall we dig up all the juicy info we can find on the Royal British Legion? Put those that adhere to a minute's silence in question too?...Of course we shouldn't. I believe that every life matters and I understand the absolutely abhorrent history that many in this country still cling to as brilliant, or great so I understand why it does translate to here; I also know we have 2 leaders who have come out with some absolutely things that don't contribute much to race relations so I can see where the ground work might be laid that's all I'm saying.
  3. Ex-footballers tend to be great and reliable sources of information of inequality don't they?...In their mansions....kinda like F1 drivers. As I say, it's you're choice, just don't attempt to write people off that do.
  4. "as more speak out" usually in right wing sources like the Daily Mail who are looking for it.....positive reinforcement. I don't have an agenda, why am I arguing anyhow? You do what you like, acknowledge the treatment of minorities needs to be improved or not just don't try to find weasel excuses not to.
  5. It's hardly a great leap to suggest Jesus was a socialist but should we condemn him for it too? It's like a minute's silence for 11/11. you don't have to do it.....but...
  6. Except the last day of his isolation would be today and there is nothing in the UK guidelines that say if you've been tested negative you shouldn't. My grandfather tested negative twice but still had COVID-19 on his death certificate because it's only about 70% reliable.
  7. I see Nigel Farage was one of the first down the pub...hasn't he just come back from a Trump rally and should be isolating?
  8. His "10 reasons I voted against the EU" is very interesting.
  9. As I've said..it's pretty standard. What amazes me is how they think they're any different from those who used Marxism to back their agendas before.....it's odd though because we used the very worst Marxist of all time in our hour of need too.
  10. It just seems you're finding reasons to make them sound bad. Most of the people who follow BLM don't look at whatever "evidence" it is you can see about them; they just see them as campaigning for equality....Brexiteers have spent years trying to tell us most people don't look at the obvious links to the far right and that if we do, they are purely coincidental (like Darren Grimes and Richard Starkey today) but you want to put this lot down because a few are Marxists.
  11. just saying; as I said before, I treat anyone finding weasel words to put down or besmirch a bunch of people campaigning for equality with a level of suspicion.....saying all the BLM mob are there for violence is like calling everyone who voted leave a bunch of racists....it's the same thing.
  12. I would suggest the members of the NF, stood outside the Churchill statue shouting "all f*ckin lives matter" and making nazi salutes are......unless they've turned over a new leaf that is....you know, put down the spray cans and the dog shite.
  13. Don't be silly. That's a personal preference........although just don't do a Vince McMahon with it.
  14. I'm for equality myself. Not a big fan of using excuses to go against it.
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