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  1. Kaffer is definitely a word they used (although it just means unbeliever in Arabic) but they also used words like "sambo" (which my 95 year old grandfather was in the habit of calling me...he was 95 after all) and "coloureds". They used a lot of terms to describe the locals but yeah that was the most common but when they said "coloureds" they usually meant mixed-raced people, kaffer was more used as slang.
  2. That article was on the money but it reminded me of going to Graceland and hearing Elvis refer to the guy that sang "(your love is) lifting me higher" as the "coloured Elvis"....it was a bit awkward listening to it then but yeah, as I said, it was a classification and something someone like him should have known about.
  3. As I say above. one's been used to degrade a people...i.e."no coloureds" which was a sign often used in South Africa and people of colour hasn't got that historic connotation. It's "clean" of such historic negative use.
  4. Certainly was a poor choice as "coloured" is a classification made up by eugenicists and such. But perhaps an apology would have sufficed and he wouldn't have had to fall on his sword. It's not like he repeatedly did it.
  5. Apartheid South Africa never referred to anyone as "people of colour".....they were quite partial to the term "coloured" though.
  6. This is brilliant I never knew the hamburglar was an antifa operative! https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/09/trump-voter-hotline-inundated-by-prank-calls
  7. I thought we'd all established that long ago.
  8. If he didn't go out of his way at every opportunity to avoid blaming far right groups and kept blaming antifa then you may have a point but the link is obvious.
  9. Except the backing of far right groups from both or Trump's father's membership of the KKK. The comparisons are perfectly reasonable.
  10. Loving this line.
  11. Except he was born in Hawaii. Any birther argument against is based on his name and colour of skin. Although his mother can trace her ancestry back to the colony of Virginia.....a darnslight further back than the Drumpf family.
  12. He also called one of the founders of these "proud boys" a "very good person".....i.e. he was one of the tiki rioters a while back. I hope he loses as the tories would be utterly stuffed without him.
  13. He (Trump) says he didn't know but I remember reading that some of our spies had suggested that Putin has something on him in connection to a prostitute / Russian spy so no doubt he'll keep his mouth shut. I'm more interested in what he shared with his mate Bannon and his besties Cummings, Farage and the blonde buffoon. They're all up to their necks in it. Must be absolutely desperate for Biden not to win in November.
  14. Thing is, if Trump is implicated in letting Putin off the hook on putting bounties on the head of US and UK soldiers, we MUST have known about that too.....And yet people whine about BLM being traitors to this country, I'd say that's nothing compared to that.
  15. Sadly, we....our government do that over here though don't they?....I mean, they're not so blatantly racist but they certainly don't like tough questions.
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