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  1. Aside from all the hullaballoo surrounding Trump , I have to say from what little I've seen I've been impressed by Biden recently. He seems a sensible, mature and humane character, maybe what the US needs when Trump and all his self serving vitriol are gone. As far as the shooting is concerned, given that much of the US is still living in the 1860's regarding firearms, I'm surprised and thankful there weren't many more deaths. Whether it was justified is debatable, but ultimately Trump was responsible.
  2. So an employer receives half a dozen identical CV's for the same job (excluding the name). I'd smell a rat. Maybe explains the low response rate ? c'mon Dr, name names then...
  3. It seems that there are a number of people who have nothing better to do than to hunt for perceived racism (and make a decent living out of it). The employer response figures are hardly damning, only 24% of "decent white folk" got a callback, maybe most of the CV's were deemed not good enough for the jobs. If the aim of such vacuous "studies" is to show that prejudice exists in the world, well done. Now what ? Positive descrimination resulting in a disproportionate number of non-white people represented in all walks of life ? White people being sidelined in the crusade for "equality", the prob
  4. Ah those were the days, when the proles knew their place, and were glad of it. We can now look forward to the return of the feudal system, curvy cucumbers , Elgar on the wireless and French fishing vessels burning in the North Sea, courtesy of the Senior Service.
  5. "Royal Mail says the aim is to help mark the success of black Britons." Steady, we don't want too many success stories do we, we live in an institutionalized racist country do we not ?
  6. I think it's beginning to get a bit silly now. Anything from history that could be construed as being racist today is being unearthed and villified. Seemingly every organization is falling over them selves to clamber on the band wagon. People's lives are being ruined by one slip of the tongue, white actors in ad-land are nowhere to be seen. As far as football is concerned you would struggle to find a better meritocracy among the playing staff, and the endless taking the knee before every single match is wearing thin. If football allies itself with a pretty sinister organization, whatever the i
  7. Either DT dosen't realize what a complete knob he's making himself look like, or it's the last desperate actions of a man knowing he's facing a massive battle to avoid jail when the presidential immunity disappears in January. He's been a total shower his whole life, his business ventures have been financially questionable (re the Atlanta casino venture, where he borrowed at such a high interest rate the casino would never be able to generate revenue to pay back the loan. His father sent an employee in one day who "bought" $1m worth of chips, then promptly left (without the chips), basically
  8. kyle04


    You mean make COVID .... illegal ? That might just work...
  9. People who either shit themselves or masturbate on public transport. There really is no need for it.
  10. Beards on young men, unless you're a geography teacher, a biker, or homeless. The latest TV's that cost as much as a small car and are the size of a, well, massive TV Those f*****g meercat adverts / and the failed "opera" singer on the other ones, nice bloke I'm sure but please just go away. Celebrity culture, OK if you've actually achieved something remarkable but Gemma Collins?? why ? Have to agree with the excess female tattoo thing too, none of my business but it never looks attractive.
  11. kyle04


    From the BBC website : "......Despite the lack of evidence, in May a YouGov poll of 1,640 people suggested 28% of Americans believed Mr Gates wanted to use vaccines to implant microchips in people - with the figure rising to 44% among Republicans. " .........A White House correspondent for a pro-Trump website, Newsmax, told her 264,000 followers on Twitter to "beware" the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Emerald Robinson claimed in the Tweet: "It tampers with your DNA." Now people are entitled to their opinion, hence the activity on forums such as this, the question is should this sort
  12. Sounds about right these days. You can imagine the police interviewing him as a witness : "Can you describe the person you saw" - "A man" "Can you remember anything about his appearance" - "Sidney Poitier's my favourite actor" "You saw his face, can you describe his ethnicity" - "Can I go now ?" Police are looking for a man in connection with the incident. If anyone has seen a man, please call ......
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