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  1. kyle04


    😇 Trying to keep with the original rhymes, I'm sure the Beatles had similar artistic hurdles. So for a 4 at the back : "Salisu - su - su, he's the rock of our back 4 Salisu - su - su, we will love you ever more / he'll cock-slap you to the floor etc...
  2. kyle04


    The long winter evenings must just fly by...
  3. kyle04


    "Salisu - su - su, he's the rock of our back 3 Salisu - su - su, he'll never let you free To the left, to the right, he will never let you past Salisu - su - su, southampton to the last !
  4. kyle04


    Won't be here for very long the way he's progressing. Chelsea, Liverpool, El-Newcastle even?
  5. Did you get it back?
  6. The PL is about money, nothing else. Just start with that caveat and the rest will fall into place.
  7. I'd go further, if you weren't born in the city or have ever traveled outside the SO postcode area, sorry you're not welcome.
  8. kyle04

    The olden days

    I had a thing about crowd surges as a small boy, I think the Spion Kop generally had the best, just a sea of people going mental, most ending up nowhere near where they were stood, but then again you had the rivers of piss cascading down the terraces apparently. Happy days.
  9. Here you go, enjoy :
  10. You obviously haven't visited Shirley High St recently.
  11. Maybe we're gonna start engaging with the spirit world, meandering through substrates of time and conciousness. It's almost comical that someone earns a living writing this stuff.
  12. "... give them all a big hand everyone"
  13. Gosh we really are making progress aren't we. I think the pious text translates as "whites need not apply".
  14. Only caught glimpses of it, seemed like someone over-doing an impression of Boris rather than the great man himself. I must say I'm looking forward to the high-skills, high-paid UK, he said it so it's gonna happen, probably along with hyper inflation and mountains of burning pig corpses, as now we're chronically short of qualified butchers apparently. He really is a weird mix of Trump and Bertie Wooster, a manufactured persona of a bumbling buffoon which should have been abandoned as soon as he reached high office. Corbyn has a lot to answer for that's all I can say.
  15. People at self service checkouts who put all the scanned items onto the weighing section, then after paying spend the same amount of time putting it into bags instead of bagging the stuff as they scan them, usually when I'm next, in a bit of a hurry, so could you please fucking get on with it.
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