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Montauk Monster or a Raccoon? Either way it's bits are small

Master Bates

Is it a Montauk Monster or a Raccoon?  

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  1. 1. Is it a Montauk Monster or a Raccoon?

    • Montauk Monster
    • Raccoon

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Interesting day




THIS tiny elf-like figure dubbed the “leprechaun-alien” was caught on camera as he flees a forest.


The wee chap - who looks no taller than 3ft - can be seen running from the woodland just as a tourist whipped out his camera.


He was snapped in Lake Tahoe, USA, by holidaymaker Lloyd Deneau, who paused to take a picture of the stunning trees and caught the extraordinary teeny figure.


Lloyd, 41, from Florida, swears the image has not been doctored.


“When I took the picture I’m sure there was no one there," he said.


"It was only when I downloaded it on my camera that I saw it.


“I showed it to my friends and family but no one can explain it.


“My kids coined it the leprechaun-alien.”


He added: “I have a military background and don’t really believe in aliens, but I can’t explain this.”


As well as an elf, leprechaun and alien, the figure has even been described as a baby BIGFOOT.

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