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I Lol'd!!!

Crouchie's Lawyer

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Quite surprised no one has posted this yet...


Taken from todays BBC gossip column near the bottom




Liverpool fans have been voted the most attractive in football with Portsmouth's blue army taking the dubious honour of worst looking. (The Mirror)


Ugly skate fruckers

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Mate, I am not joking, last friday i had two in one sitting, the pastry was mastic and the insides were exactly the way they should be.

Try one.


As it's you I will begrudgingly try one and report back. I'm not sure there's a Morrisons anywhere near me though.

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Make sure it's the traditional cornish pasty from there little pie shop at the back.

I think there is a Morrisons in Cornwall.


Hang on a minute, you're not talking about the place that sells pasty's in west Quay next to Pizza hut? What's that place called?

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