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Wot, no YouTube link to the highlights on the BBC or Sky ?


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Was kind a hoping for a link to show all the goals by now, they are a bit tough to see in Tractor_Saint's vids.


Really dont know why us ex-pats cant see the goals on the BBC, FFS.


You normally find something to moan about without seeing or listening to a game so just pretend you've seen them and tell us all how crap they were.

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FFS, where there is a will there is a way !

I am in Cape Town at the moment and managed to listen to the live Solent commentary, see Antonio's goal 3 times on Sky News, then today I have watched the 12 mins of highlights on SaintsPlayer twice, plus replays!

Add that to various texts, e-mails, Saintsweb etc.. and I can hardly complain about being out of the loop !

Still p"ssed off that I booked a holiday last Sept when there seemed little/no chance of a Wembley final (even kept May free for the play-offs!).

Over the moon with an historic victory though, well done Saints !!!!


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I have seen Antonios goal on Sky News, and that goal and Papa's on YouTube.


Would like to see Lallana's and Rickie's (peno and the handball) with decent resolution.


Got on to a hookey internet link for the final whistle and the trophy presentation.


This one from the video thread is pretty good resolution.


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