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Women at work.....

saint lard

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They do my head in.


Constantly bickering between themselves.

Moaning about each other behind their backs,then all pally to to their faces.


Constantly trying to get people to take sides.


Listen ladies,i don't give a flying feck about your gripes with your female colleagues.


Do your job that you are employed for and stop *****ing amongst yourselves.


Just because whoever wears a different foundation or mascara dosen't make them a bad person.


So petty, some of you.

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They are fighting over you ball ache, that is what women do. Flop mr droops out on her desk, one will run, and one will stay. Then procede to masterbate over her rivetas, she will stop you and butt **** you in the arse with her philadelphia french stick. The rest is up to you, good luck and report back.

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