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Feel for the celebs.....


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The celeb lifestyle is set to change considerably with a new wave of celebspotting sites/apps allowing fans/stalkers to find out where celebs are and upload pictures of any sightings so others can hound them too.... :D


Papture seems to be the best one at the moment and there is an iphone app aswell as the website; www.papture.com


Future releases will include a feature where you can be alerted when a celeb has been spotted in your proximity...


Only interesting if you get bizarrely excited by seeing celebrities out and about..... I really must see someone about that...... :rolleyes:

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I see quite a few


I could post them on here when I do.

Problem is though, I recognise them as being off the telly, but have no idea what their names are.


I saw a 7 in a five minutes walk to and from sandwich shop once.

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