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RIP Guru (Gang Starr)


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RIP The Icon of Mc, and hip hop.


When I found out he passed away, I was proper sad because the guy had such good flow, as well as inspirational lyrics.


I am a big fan of him, so I'm still saddened.


He still had 'it'

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I went to see him at the Orange Rooms last summer. I remember thinking he looks a lot older/thinner than the videos of the nineties. Looking back he mustve been suffering from the cancer then. Full respect for him for keeping touring. He was great, signed my shoe and gave me a free signed cap when i was gutted he didnt have t-shirts (arent i a fanboy). Mustve been one of his last gigs. Real bummer, loved his tunes esp some of the ang Starr classics, RIP Baldhead Slick.

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