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Winning never was so much hard work..


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Had a call earlier from Totesport to tell me I've won two tickets for Saturdays game. Ive already bought a single ticket for myself for this weekend so wanted to find out where the seats are before getting my original one moved/refunded.... In my quest to find this info out I have spoke to practically every department at the stadium and called Totesport back but noone can confirm where I'll be seated!! :rolleyes:


So I have a dilema on my hands now... Cancel my good ticket and risk ending up sitting in a rubbish seat (albeit with a very happy mate) or somehow sell the free tickets (not sure how as I have to collect them personally on matchday from ticket office..)


I almost wish I hadnt won them after all the hard work! :rolleyes:

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Totesport will be glad to know the tickets are going to such a happy recipient ... not.


Never mind selling them, why not walk over to West Quay and give them a kid in a Saints shirt and his mum/dad.


There's more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. (Acts 20:35)


My mummy always told me never to accept sweets from strangers.

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Oh I was happy about it. Just didnt expect to have to work so hard to actually get them!! It appears totesport bought them from the FA yet SFC know nothing about it.


Ive already given them to people who normally cant afford to go to games so thats my good deed done ;-) Although at the moment I may not even get them!


otesport will be glad to know the tickets are going to such a happy recipient ... not.


I think the tone in which they were given to me rubbed off ;-)

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I occasionally get free tickets sent my way from Ladbrokes. Normally take a friend but when its all too short notice I normally wander over to the ticket queue and give the spare to whoever is at the back.


See, its good to be Saintly... plus, Karma yeah? I always seem to win big on the betting slips when I do this... spooky... ;)

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