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  1. he does, yeah. I thought he had come dressed for baseball. If he had brought a bat out of his tights, that would have confirmed it. Mid term appraisal - strengths : speed running, passing, enthusiasm, interview techniques; weaknesses - finishing, dress sense, the man bun
  2. Agree with all/most of your comments. It seemed to have a planned defensive performance. Djenepo and Bertie doing a defensive job on Traore. Came for a point. Used game management to stifle and contain Wolves. A pleasant surprise to go a goal up, but that was a red rag to a bull and Wolves stepped it up. Yeah, would have been nice to see Theo take that second chance; believe Ings or Adams would have scored. But I'm very pro-Theo so can't grumble too long. Was surprised to hear the commentator refer to Ralph giving the players 4 days off. Nice for them, but would account for tired leg
  3. 13 for me too. But the ones I was out on was ages, and I was only one year out. FFS, only their mothers would know that. And I am surprised Romeu not had a Spain cap.
  4. I know. The comment was tongue-in-cheek, knowing it couldn't happen. They will need to look for a free agent. Tommy Forecast?
  5. We could loan them Fraser Forster, as long as they pay his wages in full.
  6. Now that's an expression my Cheshire family use too. To be fair to Traore, his contract runs until 2022 but Wolves are pressing him to extend already. Think he is hoping the big 2 in Spain offer him something. Yeah, their players have exerted themselves and may be tired, but equally they may be warmed up and our boys a bit match unfit.
  7. Why would he start? Adams and Walcott up front again. Armstrong and Djenepo/Redders on the wings.
  8. Can't imagine WST were looking for £200M. A tenner to buy with the £2M they have committed to spend on players.
  9. They did …. but according to BBC Gossip page, they're hoping to bring in Dean Henderson on loan in January. So they obviously don't rate the new boy that highly.
  10. He's only 25 now? So he was 15 at Man Utd? We're well stocked for wingers. Can't see this one having legs.
  11. I presume the interview was originally in German, and TheCat via DeepL translated to English. Was left wondering what German word was used and why it wasn't translated simply as 'independently'. However, I do like the sound of acyclically.
  12. This is a marriage made in heaven, and this marriage is going to last. I was in favour of him returning, I even proposed it (somewhere in the 85 pages of Transfer Window Summer 20, it'll be there) but even I was unsure whether he had it in his legs to make a contribution. He is exceeding expectations already. The training will make him fitter still, and he'll be knocking out the full 90 minutes regularly. The finishing will come, especially if Danny and Che can coach him back to that level. He's had 15 years of playing as a winger, give him some time. His enthusiasm for being back he
  13. Yeah, that's his build, and I'm not sure we can do much about it. Contrast him with Obafemi, for example. Watching Djenepo is like watching Bambi on ice. He has little solid about him. It makes him flexible but susceptible to cracking and breaking. He definitely has something to offer. That sharp backheel to put Walcott in was one of the best things I've seen this season.
  14. Have you got a link to that article? I'd be interested in reading it.
  15. 200m in 2.75 seconds? LOL! Can see him sprinting out of defence and crossing with no-one on the end of it.
  16. Just when we were on a roll to dizzy heights ... Win on Friday night please - #doit4Danny
  17. Mings was born in Bath, Avon to former non-League striker Adie Mings. Mings joined Southampton in 2001 as an eight-year-old, but was released in 2009 when the youth budget was axed. It's 11 years, Tyrone, move on!
  18. Ely is going to divide the fanbase forevermore. Those who see what he's doing and think "hey, come and do that for us" and those that disregard what he does and say he's not suited to the EPL and "it's only park football in Scotland." To those I say he is doing it in the Europa League. Anyway, Ralph isn't going to give him a chance, so we'll watch him from afar.
  19. I think you're right SKD. Offer it as a package rather than as one off games.
  20. I won't be coughing up £14.95 for a single game. That price point is wrong. Ashley calling for £4.95 which may be a bit low, maybe between £5 and £10 is right. Over a tenner, I can wait until MoTD, or just watch the 2 minute highlights online.
  21. Now being reported that he is available for this weekend and will be in the squad. However, until I see his name in the team or bench line up, I still see it as "being reported."
  22. Well said, 'Cherie'. Some comments above are unnecessary and spiteful. Which is also the way I would describe Pickford's assault. I hope VVD can come back from this within a reasonable timeframe. I'll have drop him from my Fantasy team, sadly.
  23. I believe Biden is simply riding a ticket of "hey, I'm not Trump, I'm the other one" and has promised to do only 4 years at the most. His objective is just to get Trump out. As middle America didn't trust a woman last time, he is stepping forward to build the bridge.
  24. He's nutty as a fruitcake. He is the nuttiest fruitcake around.
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