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  1. Liverpool prepared to let him go, so may be worth a note of interest.
  2. Agree that either Macca, Gunn or Forster likely be going. Probably entertain offers for all, and see who sells first. Could even be 2 leaving and bring in another one?
  3. Yes from me too. Although other clubs likely to be interested. Les Ferdinand, DoF at QPR, on Talksport last week, commented that QPR know they need to sell him while his stock is high.
  4. No, just old codgers turning on for Antiques Roadshow and finding football on. We get credit for holding out, but I doubt it will broaden our fan base.
  5. At that time, I think we (ie the Club) had decided to let Yoshi go, and Vester was now first reserve. Yeah, any offer over £15M and I think we could find a replacement.
  6. Insert Loan Loan deal was agreed between the clubs. Forster is the one hanging out for a perm deal, according to that. Then he'll need to revise his wage expectation. Or Celtic will have to shop elsewhere, within their budget.
  7. Before we turn the page on this … getting back to the original post, Theo Walcott has hardly had the minutes on the pitch to make a difference. Coming on for the last 3 minutes of games and played as a winger. I still think, even at 32, he has the capacity to be a starter regularly at a club like ours. Ings and Walcott up front for us would be a good partnership. Ryan Sessegnon is another example of a big club buying a player just to ensure another club doesn't get him. Spurs may have bought him for the future, but he isn't get a chance there now. Would be better at a tier 2 Prem side now, somewhere like Saints. Trouble is that money talks, and top 6 sides offer big money, so some players try to jump up too high. Augustin, can't comment as haven't been watching Leeds. However, from what is written, if they agreed to sign him if promoted, then that stands, regardless of the mid-season enforced break.
  8. We just want to see Adams get that first goal soon, then we can see if he pushes on. Let's not leave him on the sidelines to get disgruntled and want to go elsewhere eg. Leeds.
  9. "Keeper Opts to Stay with Saints" suggests he told our "hierarchy" (to use the word in the report) that he is NOT prepared to come down on his wage level, so won't be going anywhere. I fear he is back here under sufferance and isn't going to bust a gut to get back in the side. £65k a week to come to training - nice work if you can get it. Still, no point in me getting bitter and twisted. Les Reed had him sign the contract at that wage level.
  10. Celtic apparently - or allegedly - also considering Joe Hart and even Artur Boruc, both available on a free transfer. So maybe this isn't a done deal after all.
  11. Piffle, absolute piffle. He's the #1 striker here; he would be a benchwarmer-cum-sub at a big club. And we're not a big selling club any more; we can pay our way now; this isn't 2010.
  12. Agree with the comments of recent posters. Football is in the entertainment industry. During lockdown, we have seen actors and singers showcasing their talents for free. Fraser says he wants to play for Celtic, he has applied for the job, to put it in those terms. He now finds the salary on offer isn't as high as he had hoped. But they are the only employer so far interviewing him, and he wants to work for them. Let's hope a compromise can be found as he faces unemployment in a few weeks. I think Fraser needs to be proactive in making the compromise offer to allow the two clubs to work out the deal.
  13. I agree, mate. I think he is of the mentality that he tried it at a big club and got released. Down here, back in his local area, he is appreciated and has become a local hero. Gao may recommend taking a high offer, but I don't think club management (Semmens, Ralph etc) will choose to do it this time. Danny is central to our play. Going to a big club, he won't get the starts, so he won't get the goals. I genuinely don't think he would want to move now.
  14. The first question has to be addressed to Forster - "what is the lowest wage you are prepared to take?" He's reported to be on 60-70k with us, but hopefully he will halve that. Then Celtic will pay his wage in full, and to help them, we'll waive any transfer fee. Otherwise, they will have to continue to rent him. And we need a sweeter deal. Paying him up to 55k to play up there is daft. If we continue to get shafted like this, then lets insist on Ntcham on a free, to sweeten the pot.
  15. Yeah, we are back ….. to where we started. Doh. Still inconsistent.
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