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  1. He's OUR player this season, and I am excited by him. And if he does well and tells Chelsea he wants to stay with Southampton, that may make a difference. So get excited, give him love.
  2. I'm not defending Redmond, but I recall when he had that two goal salvo against Bournemouth, he said he was very much a confidence player. His confidence is clearly low at present, and having the fans back in the stadium barracking him is making him worse. That the case for his defence m'lud. Having said that, he wouldn't be making my team selection on a weekly basis.
  3. Funnily enough, he is that. But I promised not to talk about it.
  4. Same old Broja, always scoring - for Albania. Winning goal too.
  5. I don't know anything on Sorla, but I take your point on goalkeepers. They tend to improve with age (to a tipping point, obviously) so a mature keeper should be considered. Not the role where you want to buy a kid and hope he comes good for you to sell on.
  6. As we know that JwP WILL play 94 minutes of every match, so any of the others are likely to play. Isn't Seaborne lined up as matey's assistant for the B team? He could play, as he's registered, but hopefully Lyancu will get the shout before him.
  7. I'm inclined to agree. I thought Tino and Small would be the backups/cup gamers this season, but Ralph has favoured Tino over KWP in opening games. Now, I don't mind if he wants to alternate them, either game by game, or run of games, but KWP cannot be sidelined. Similarly Small needs to get a few games this season to bring him on. LB had be resolved, and more than happy with the two guys there. RB didn't need to be changed. We just needed a backup (assuming Valery wasn't going to be that player).
  8. Bernt Leno (Arsenal) also available next summer on contract expiry. I'd probably prefer Sam Johnstone too, but there may be options available.
  9. Chalobah of Watford? Did we not want to make an offer? Ntcham of Celtic went to Swansea on a free! Grimes of Swansea? We let them have Obafemi on almost a giveaway, and we didn't try to get Grimes? Overall, good window, but we didn't grab a last minute deal.
  10. Dave Stephens on Talksport gave the current betting on likely relegation candidates, and the 6 he named did NOT include Southampton. It must have irked him as a Pompey fan.
  11. I know this is a statement of the bleedin' obvious, but .... As we are looking only for a backup #6 who won't be asked to play regularly or demand a huge salary (unlike that Martin Cacares deal), I guess we need to look at a young up'n'coming who will be grateful for any games they get, OR an experienced guy winding down their career and wouldn't want to play every week. I'm thinking that may be why we aren't pushing for Caleta-Car or AMN, as they are a different profile. I would have suggested a low wage offer for Drinkwater, but he went to Reading. Not sure who else would fit
  12. "Duje Caleta Car's partner doesn't want to move to Birmingham after giving birth to their 1st child" Nor would I, and I'm not giving birth to anyone's child.
  13. Ah I wondered why all these 2009 threads had risen to the top of the page. Dr Who has been time travelling? Welcome back. At time of writing this is August 2021.
  14. I'm also a NO. It disappointed me his "what do I tell my son when he asks why no-one wants me?" Er, you tell him "because, son, I ask for £100k a week and I can't stop getting injured, so no-one can afford to hire me." He said he wants to play abroad, after Wigan made him an offer.
  15. Proper unit NOW, yes. But back then he was a lithe winger. Played right side for us. Reading sent him out on loan, he became a favourite with us fans, the club made Reading a good offer, but they said they wanted to keep him. Blow me down, they sold him on not long after. He transformed his body shape and is now a proper CF.
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