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  1. Just reported? This started two weeks ago after they splurged on Buendia and said they were interested in JWP and the suggestion was that they would offer us a higher value than for Buendia. The intelligencia said "no, not unless its an offer of £50M+". I don't think this one has legs. If he was short on contract maybe we would consider it. But he's a south coaster and I'm sure he doesn't envisage his life being in the Midlands. So it's a no from the club, the fans and the player.
  2. Yes, definitely, but even their squad players are likely on £100k pw!
  3. Ridiculous. Sounds like we have reached agreement with the player and possibly Brest too, but that either the player or the club don't want the deal to go through yet, in case there are better bids or personal terms incoming from another party.
  4. That in itself is a good reason to buy.
  5. I read it was only £2.5M down, another £2.5M at a later date (guaranteed), plus up to £4.5M in dependent add-ons. So we're walking away today with just £2.5M. It helps, but it's not a lot for this window,
  6. The report I read suggested Villa would be prepared to top their Buendia fee to get JWP. Again, just newspaper reports, so I can't guarantee this is correct, but it was reported the fee for Buendia is £34M down plus £6M in add-ons. That would put the JWP offer as in the £35-45M bracket, and I think the club have to consider it. I appreciate many don't want to see our established senior players leave us, but we need (IMHO) to get back to the 'buy low sell high' philosophy, especially with the debt we are in. With £40M, personally I would get in that Delaney fella (£8M), a new LB (£15M
  7. The Club is fully invested in Ralph, he has total control on the playing side, style etc. So I can't envisage ANY scenario where the Club dismiss Ralph. None. I CAN envisage a scenario where Ralph has just had enough - not backed in the transfer market, trying to get those 'mangled pigeons' to perform better when they have just lost interest. At that point, I think Ralph will walk away, whether he has another job to go to or not. When that will happen I don't know, and Howe may be waiting well into next season or the season after.
  8. I'm of the view that if the offer is sizeable enough (to be defined) we have to consider selling JWP. We were banking on £25M from an Ings sale to fund other purchases. This has come from left field, but (say) £50M from JWP sets us up also. As someone noted above, we think he's invaluable, but he's not. There must be a price at which the benefits of selling outweigh the risks.
  9. LOL, a 'Karen' from Winchester. The club will back down now Karen has spoken.
  10. Agree. Forster came back from Celtic on a higher level than when he left us. No reason for Moi not to improve by playing regularly, and being trusted. I'd rather have him back than speculate precious funds on 'maybe' players.
  11. I assume your idea of decent players was Norman Hunter and Billy Bremner?
  12. Ohh I laughed out loud at that 😄 His "mother HAS a Brazilian."
  13. He's not 'feigning injury'; he is genuinely getting hurt. I fear the EPL is (allowed to be) more physical than his body physiology is suited for. The role RH is asking him to play, and the physical side, are not ideal for him. I don't agree with telling him to bulk up, he is what he is. He is lithe and skinny, and a style of play based on skills would be better for him. I don't think that it is in the UK leagues.
  14. I recommend Itchen South at £399. Why would you pay more? It's not an obstructed view, it's the same game wherever you sit. Apart from the guy who kept sitting in my seat if I wasn't there by 2:45, it worked well.
  15. I am as confused as you all after Ralph's comments. On the one hand, he says we know we have a talented player and I will give him a chance, but he also says we want to get as many points on the board as we can with our strongest team. And he clearly doesn't see Janko as part of the strongest team. It's now or never, Ralph. We have 3 games left. Give him a chance. If not, he'll be putting in another transfer request and the fans will support it.
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