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  1. Yeah, agree. I was picking up on Tajjuk quoting the Athletic. But that itself was an "if" statement. We can't afford another striker, when we have 4 already.
  2. So I often quote the Spurs fan in the office here. His take : "I don't even know this Hojberg fella, but I know we don't need him. We have Winks for that role. We only need one DM, as we play 3CB and 2 WB. 1 DM and 2 AM. We have Winks, Ndombele already. Jose needs to get them two playing. You're welcome to Walker-Phillips (yeah he can't even get the name right) as we're going to be playing Sessegnon next season (he says Sess can play both sides, although not at once)."
  3. I'm 'appy with that. Do the deal.
  4. It's acknowledged he didn't have the standout impact in that game that he has had in other games. Believed that the early booking affected his game. Previously the reports are that he has been their MoM and surprised Saints can do without him. Let's not judge him on that game alone. I'd rather keep him than bank £8M and be unable to afford to replace him.
  5. Until I see him in a Saints shirt, holding aloft a Saints scarf on the official site …… let's hold our horses, shall we? After his 14 day quarantine. maybe that can happen. OK, I'll settle for an official announcement on the OS.
  6. Couldn't read the Telegraph article without agreeing to hand over my firstborn …. but from your comments it sounds like Fulham have the RIGHT to buy him for £8M? I'd like to think we would try to get him to sign a new contract, but I admit the odds are low and he will prefer to go with Fulham now. Again, get it done and let's see if we have enough in the kitty for this McKennie dude then.
  7. Then tell him the alternative is "Salisu-su-su…" to the tune of Agadoo-doo-doo. I'd go for Daddy Kool if I were him.
  8. Whatever the final numbers prove to be, let's hope the deal is done soon and we can move on. We don't want this to drag on into September.
  9. Don't know if Ben is coming back on here to update us, but he issued a 125B update, saying they may be able to go on with the podcast, with payable support costs, meaning we could subscribe at £10 a month flat fee.
  10. The End is Nigh. Free Beer Tomorrow.
  11. This, as far as I can see. Approved and improved by Ralph. I have no idea what Matt Cash is like, but KWP is improving all the time. MoM a couple times. Why would we want to take another trialist, and one likely to cost over £12M?
  12. West London derby. What do we prefer? Brentford win - Reed has a preference to stay with us? No Brentford players available for sale. Fulham win - Reed wants to stay with Fulham? Chance of pinching Brentford players. I want to have Reed back, so have to prefer a Brentford win. He's one of our own.
  13. True, of course, but did he not meet with Everton and agree a deal?
  14. Hmm, interesting. Although, like you, I don't see the Express as being gospel truth, I do think we need to set a deadline for Tottenham to make an acceptable bid. If they don't come in with that acceptable bid, then sell him to Everton for £25M and MOVE ON to our recruitment plans. If we sit on our hands, we'll miss out.
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