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  1. I think you're right SKD. Offer it as a package rather than as one off games.
  2. I won't be coughing up £14.95 for a single game. That price point is wrong. Ashley calling for £4.95 which may be a bit low, maybe between £5 and £10 is right. Over a tenner, I can wait until MoTD, or just watch the 2 minute highlights online.
  3. Now being reported that he is available for this weekend and will be in the squad. However, until I see his name in the team or bench line up, I still see it as "being reported."
  4. Well said, 'Cherie'. Some comments above are unnecessary and spiteful. Which is also the way I would describe Pickford's assault. I hope VVD can come back from this within a reasonable timeframe. I'll have drop him from my Fantasy team, sadly.
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