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  1. Pep .. and Arteta .. Hubba Hubba - I love a Mediterranean girl, me
  2. Agree. I wouldn't consider any bid under £40M at this stage. Tottenham's reputation for low ball offers suggest any bid won't be anywhere near that.
  3. I start with the view that if Ings was fully committed to staying with us long term, he wouldn't be interested in a release clause. It suggests he has one eye on the exit door already. I guess that's the modern player. "I want salary rises and contract extensions, but not to be tied down and held to the length of the contract." That's player power these days.
  4. Yes, move them to either wing (Kingsland or Itchen). Home side (us) should have both goal ends. I know this has come up before, and I can't remember the argument that said the away fans had to stay. We should be looking to maximise all our advantages, including home support all game. Newcastle put away fans up in the gods!
  5. Fraser hasn't yet been tested in the two games. First, Liverpool fancy-danned around the penalty area and didn't test him. Then ;last night, the opposition was lower level and didn't have enough to attack. The jury is out for me. He needs to be making regular saves and commanding his area, so we know where his level is now.
  6. It's ironic isn't it. He wants to go to a team challenging for a champions league place. We can't afford to buy in players of that level, but if he helped improve his colleagues now, we could well get there with us, especially this season when the league is open. But I guess he'd rather go back to being a bit-part player in a squad that has a higher probability of getting there. I'm surprised.
  7. Our ambition? FFS, we are trying to stay in business. Lower your expectations, Danny, and your wage demands as well. We have to pay back the £80M emergency loan by 2025 and £7M loan interest per year until then. We don't have spare cash lying around. Want to go back to Liverpool's bench then?
  8. Yes, agreed. We know Long was given an extended deal because Ings said he likes playing with him. And still Ings isn't putting pen to paper yet. No more sweeteners. We have to tighten our belt for next 5 years. Are you in or out, Danny boy?
  9. Yes, you're right. Only the super-rich will be able to continue without breaking stride. Indeed, although we will need to sell our top players, you're right to point out other clubs won't be looking to buy. Contracts will have to be re-negotiated. A lot of clubs have commented recently they are looking to reduce playing staff, not increase.
  10. Wow, this was a sobering read. So it seems whereas some clubs laid off staff, or furloughed them, we carried on paying everyone in full. I thought that meant we were in good shape financially, but now it seems we simply took out an onerous hardship loan. Although the loan is only repayable in 2025, we have to pay 9% interest on that annually for the next 5 years (c.£8m interest). With no in-stadium support, we are looking at TV revenue and merchandise, primarily. Unless football can get a better deal off TV companies, clubs are in trouble. For us, the tables are turned. We now NEED t
  11. Will be a shame if the Cup game gets postponed, as Frazer needs to get more minutes under his belt sooner rather than later.
  12. Higgi is a pundit on NBC Sports, was on last Sunday. Looks and sounds in good nick.
  13. According to that report, he has "excelled so far" at Saints, but hasn't been given the chances to play, so Vellaloid (sp) are prepared to make us an offer. I hope this is indeed garbage. We haven't set eyes on him yet.
  14. I'm undecided between leaving the first-teamers on the bench (a la LeG) and hoping they're not needed, OR playing a strong team for an hour, hopefully retiring them after an hour at 3-0 up, and letting the youngsters close out the game (per Teddee above). 🤔 Today I think I want to rest them, maybe on the day I'll want to play them.
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