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Move on ....

david in sweden

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everybody..for goodness sake.

We 've had a very positive statement from Nicola Cortese (around 98% are pleased least IMO - even from Alpine .Well done Sir.) endorsing Alan Pardew as manager and the real substance of a promotion-challenging side for next season and the promise of a few more signings to bolster the squad, (which will surely be reduced by free's and players OOC)


Personally I don't care what the Echo, Solent, The Mail or MLT or Lawrie Mac may have said ..or written ..from hearsay... or, in the heat of the moment.


It's bad history.FOR GOODNESS SAKE EVERYONE..let's leave it alone and get on with your life. I'm sure there are a number of conspiracy therorists out there who won't... until they find every last misconception or lie.. but can't we please look forward and not dwell on everyone's little faults.


Nothing is more likely to undermine pride and confidence if we still have this type of thread ongoing in August.

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Agree completely, but dont know why you singled me out. I have been completely unequivocal in my support for NC from the beginning.


I wasn't singling you out in malice, Alpine.

Your record of posts is ..legend, and I think you get more personal mentions than almost anyone else. That was just another. No harm intended.

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