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Favourite Stones Album?

Hamilton Saint

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A lot of hype accompanied the recent, remastered re-release of Exile on Main St.


The "critical mass" seems to have anointed Exile ... as the Stones best LP.


I can't agree. Still sounds like a murky swamp to me. And I have no clear sense of what the music means, what it's about - Jagger's lazy, slurry vocals bury the lyrics, which are almost impossible to make out. It's the same with every track. A few phrases can be discerned, but the gist of the song itself is lost, track after track.


A different story with Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers. Great songs that you can hear and make out all the words, and so - hey - the songs actually mean something.


But I digress.


So, what is your favourite Stones album? Which one do you think is the best? My vote is Beggar's Banquet. Good variety of music styles, great production, and many song gems from Jagger-Richards.








Having said that, it's still worth getting the new release of Exile ... - it sounds better than it ever has, and there is a second disc included with some good out-takes and alternative takes from the LP, or from the same era.


There's also a vinyl release. And a deluxed edition release which includes the vinyl and CD versions!

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Beggar's Banquet for me.

The first album where they weren't consciously ripping off the Beatles (despite the all white cover). Can't think of a better opening track than Sympathy For The Devil, and listening to Stray Cat Blues always wants me to sit my teenage daughter down and warn her against people like the Stones!!

Plus you have No Expectations, Parachute Woman, Street Fighting Man and Prodigal Son; I don't think they were ever so creative.

I saw the documentary on Exile On Main Street, and I agree with the above poster that I don't think it was that great; the vocals weren't mixed that well and the songs (apart from perhaps Tumbling Dice) weren't that great...

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