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The Wire


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Oh good God, yes! It really is the best Television drama series ever made.


I've seen Band of Brothers, and it was better than that. Which I thought could never be topped.




I can't wait to start watching The Wire, several people have told me its the best thing ever.


Band of Brothers was great, last time i watched it i was living out in the sticks with snow laying all around, just so I could pretend i was in the ardene forest (sad but true).


My fave hour of TV drama is still the last episode of Soprano's season 2, the fishing trip. Absolutely jaw-dropping stuff.

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The Wire is without question the greatest television series I have ever had the pleasure of watching.


I came across it by chance - was in Crime Converters in Bitterne and spotted the first two seasons in there for a cheap price so picked them up after remembering a mate raving about it back in the day.


A little over a month later and I have procured and watched the first four series - the fifth should be in my posession by the end of this week.


I loved Homicide: Life On The Street - which was a similarly realistic cop drama, also set in Bodymore, by the same guys. But the Wire takes things to the next level - it is not just another cop show, it actually portrays with incredible attention to detail the whole city of Baltimore, from the petty street smackheads all trhe way up to the top of political office, with everything in between.


I am already looking forward to watching the series all over again to pick up on things Imay have missed.


What I will say to anyone new watching, it may be worth watching with subtitles initially, at least until you get the hang of some of the incredibly authentic slang used in the show.


Enjoy. I envy anyone just starting out with the Wire. You are in for a treat.

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