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Do we hate footballers?


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Interesting article (IMO) on the BBC should footballers be more like the members of team GB?



The achievements of Team GB at the Olympics have led to a wave of criticism of footballers. They've been lambasted for being overpaid, arrogant underachievers. But why do some people hate footballers so much?



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The problem generally lies at the top


All the team GB athletes I saw on BBC gave literally everything to win. An it was everything. Some could not walk an talk after their events. And some apologising to the nation for coming second


That is why the country loves/loved team GB so much. No one can say that that the athletes came away from the Olympics without doing everything possible to win. If they came short, then we all knew they did all they could


Wayne rooney was on the pop in Vegas just before meeting the squad for the euros



That is all that needs to be said

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