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Has Cortesse Done A Clough?


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Yes, this comparison occurred to me the other night:


The trouble with using the media, and the threat of leaving, to negotiate your position, whether its for money or power, is that eventually the owners will accept the resignation.


I think this was eventually the case with Clough at Derby where he had threatened to throw toys out again, and was probably surprised when the chairman accepted. I'm not sure the Liebherr's will continually cave in to 'demands'. What they choose to do if NC walks is of course the worry.


posted on the Cortese to go thread.


At least, becoming an old fart has advantages when you learn from history.

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Not a good comparison imo. BC went on to win two European cups, 1 league title and 4 league cups with Forest, whereas Derby pulled in another league title under Dave Mackay (with Cloughie's team) after he left.


The comparison cannot be dissmissed when any future precident is currently unknown mate. For all we know we may press on and win the cup this year while Cortese masterminds A.C. Milan's return to Italian dominance!

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