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  1. Would also have accepted 1st premiership appearances for Iain Dowie & Jeff Kenna 1st substitutes
  2. 19/08/92 What 6 1st things happened ?
  3. Flowers & Davis cup final keepers at Wembley ZDS & JPT Niemi & Jones cup final keepers at Cardiff FA Cup
  4. Keeping it simple Who was the 1st Channel Islander to play for England
  5. Almedia & dean Richards rip? Played against Arsenal & Henry
  6. Did they go to charity shield in 76?
  7. No surprise that he pulled it off Even less surprise that national media are not interested
  8. MLT always had the potential to be awful for a whole game then just do something magical & game changing as the ref was about to blow for full time Marian Pahars November to March springs to mind
  9. David ‘ probably the best player in the squad if you can get him off the treatment table ‘ Connolly Does Michael Killer Svensson count after he re signed?
  10. Just seen sir Francis Benali is running a marathon in this garden this weekend Details on club website
  11. Correct Scored 2 goals for saints & 2 for Norway
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