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Elder Scrolls Online Beta


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Anyone else been 'chosen'


Signed up a little late for this but this weekend they are trying to flood the server so I've been sent a pass to get on this weekend with the promise of being invited to future Beta events.


Looks very good indeed but then it is ES. Not expecting quite the emersion of Skyrim.


Only other MMG I have played was FF14 which was rather disappointing to be honest.



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I was in the last beta and it is f*cking awesome.

Thing to remember - and going by the in game chat, most people didn't - is that you're there to test it out, you're not given a free version of the game. So expect bugs, incompletions etc. Some of the NPCs had robot voices for example but in the final game they'll all be fully voiced.


Another thing to remember is that your character won't carry over if you buy the game, so don't worry about leveling etc. Just have fun :)

I'll double check my username on there and post for you guys, this is the first MMO i'm playing from the start so trying to get into the whole group aspect of it as well...

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As for the immersion of skyrim, I honestly think it does have it - but it feels like you're competing against everyone else so there's a strong temptation to skip most of the dialogue. There is just as much dialogue and back story for the side quests as there are in skyrim.

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I’ve been playing the beta. I thought everything was very good apart from the combat system.. Feels a bit outdated & considering the money they have invested in the game, I was expecting it to be better.

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