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In general I use IE, does the job most of the time and I am used to it, but I use Chrome occasionally if I am visiting a site which I know has lots of popups, as you dont tend to get as many/any.


Edit: However, having now read the security threat thread, Chrome it is for now...

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As above
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Guest Dark Sotonic Mills
Not worried about the current IE scare?




I use Firefox and like it. Doesn't take much time to adjust.


Don't change, say Micro$oft, it only affects 0.02% of web sites.


Err, that's some 40,000 websites at an estimate, Mr Gates. If I used IE that would be enough of a percentage for me...

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Not worried about the current Firefox scare?




Much better to use the uber safe Safari instead, because at least they acknowledge there is a problem and set about fixing it don't they?




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