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2014-15 Squad Size


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We think we know roughly the potential budget available to the Club. We know most of our likely 'existing' squad, and we know who amongst that is not at the level, we require, so how many players are we likely to buy?


Keepers - we have three, need to buy or replace at least one


Right backs - ok, unless Chambers moves into the centre, then we buy.


Left backs - buy one, develop one


Centre backs - we currently have one very good, one okay, and two iffy players. May need to bring in one or two, even three, depending on sales and Chambers.


Central midfield - Morgan is the question mark. Tadic looks to be coming, but more to replace Lallana. Reed and JWP in wings. Arguably might need to replace one of the existing squad, and no more


Strikers - work on principle that Osvaldo and Sharp are not part of the plans, and that JRod is out till Xmas, then we need three, with Gallagher and McQueen in support. Pelle looks to be one, so another two purchases.


So, I reckon that is eight new faces in the squad, and more potentially if we have to sell any more. At that rate, they will all be in the £8-12m bracket, with no massive names or fees likely. If this doesn't happen, the squad will be very stretched and inexperienced. If it does, then there is a hell of a rebuilding and restructuring process to undertake. Koeman will certainly earn his bacon!

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Jeez.... we've only sold 3 from a team that finished 8th.... and you want to bring in 8?


Can't imagine the number if we sell two more....


We needed a new Keeper, a new CB, a new AM and a couple of strikers before we let Guly go and lost AL, LS and RL.


Plus, surely we should be looking to improve, or are you happy to stagnate?

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We have 17 over 21's left on the books, 10 Foreign, 7 Homegrown,


we are allowed a squad size of 25 o21's, minimum of 8 out of the 25 to be homegrown. (HG)


Boruc, Davis (HG), Gazzaniga

Clyne (HG), Fonte, Hooiveld, Lovren, Yoshida

Cork (HG), Schneiderlin (HG), Wanyama

Davis (HG), Ramirez, Rodriguez (HG)

Mayuka, Osvaldo, Sharp (HG)


So we're going to need at least one Brit coming in....

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Take out the dross and those yet to leave and we have just about a team. Sad state of affairs really. Still no doubt we'll be signing like lunatics any time now.


Exactly my point. About ten from the o21s who we consider good, plus the kids, and that's why we will need about eight new faces.

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