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Harry Redknapp's Autobiography


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I am sure tht this was done to death when first published, but I wasnt interested in it so didnt read the thread. However, whilst having some time to kill in the supermatket yesterday I picked it up and browsed through the bit about his time with us. The bit I read was about Clive Woodward and his methods. I always got the impression that Redknapp wasnt happy with his appointment and didnt let him anywhere near the first team. Could be Harry rewritting history but he seemed quite accepting of Woodward in his book. He did however suggest that footballers didnt have the time to employ Woodwards methods because their schedule was so hectic. My understanding off Woodwards (and others who use the same techniques) methods involved muscle memory which involves a lot or repetition. Johhny Wilkisnon being a prime example. Now Harry wanst having any of this but interesting that players like Beckham and his own nephew Frank Lampard both stayed behind after training for extra practice and both became quality strikers of a football. If they could find the time out of their hectic schedules, why couldnt the others? In the little I read he came across very much like these new people come into the game and tell us how to do things when we have been there and done it several times over and dont need you whippersnappers telling us how to do things. No wonder English football is going backwards.

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