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Media coverage of the Saints situation


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Living overseas I don't get as much exposure to the British press as some of you back in England. I read the Daily Echo site, here, BBC and check a couple of other football websites, but I don't see the newspapers and magazines. Are any serious football journalists writing about what is going on at Southampton? The reports I see are either matter of fact news stories (e.g. "Liverpool sign Lallana for £25m") or, if they are more editorial, they tend to be about the player or from the perspective of the signing club (e.g. "Why Luke Shaw is a good long-term investment for Utd"). I haven't seen any articles about the destruction of our team and what that says about modern football. Has anyone read such a piece? If not, why is nobody talking about this? It's not just depressing for us as Saints fans, but a sad indictment of the state of the game and should be of concern to all other so-called 'small teams' (God, I hate that term). Any links to reports about us would be appreciated.

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